Credit Scores

Concern for Environment Cuts Across Credit Score

June 24, 2016 It turns out having clean air and water is something almost everyone can agree is important. A Credit Karma survey in late March, 2016 of a cross section of its more than 60 million members to determine what issues they considered priorities in the presidential election found that regardless of age or […]

Survey Shows Concerns with College Debt Fade with Time, Credit Score

June 14, 2016 With $1.27 trillion in outstanding student debt reported last year by the Federal Reserve, this mounting drag on the economy has become a highly charged issue with as many solutions as there have been presidential candidates. Credit Karma surveyed over 1,000 of its more than 50 million members, asking them to rate […]

What Millennials with the Highest Credit Scores Have in Common

June 9, 2016 Recent college graduates have probably read enough articles about how to improve their credit scores and live happier lives to write a dissertation. Those guidelines are important and we can’t stress enough how essential it is to monitor your credit score, pay bills on time and maintain low balances in order to […]

Economic Issues? Priority May Depend on Credit Score

May 17, 2016 Do people with higher credit scores tend to see foreign policy and defense spending as more important than economic issues like unemployment and the cost of higher education? A survey of over 1,000 Credit Karma members indicates that might be the case. In late March and early April, we asked a group […]