March 21st, 2012

Wednesday Roundup: 6 Money and Life Lessons From a Younger You

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6 Money and Life Lessons From a Younger You. “Sometimes, important lessons slip away as the years pass. You might not trust a younger version of you with a credit card, but there are some money matters that your school-aged self could teach you now. If that person could divulge her important lessons, she would remind you of these six things.” SavvySugar

Just the facts about taxes. “Much of the debate in this election is about taxes — how much we pay, who pays it, is the burden shared fairly. MONEY magazine separates truth from spin.” CNNMoney

Don’t Lose Track Of Your Great Ideas. “One question I often get asked about Money Beagle is how I consistently come up with ideas. I’ve been doing this for about three and a half years now, so coming up with fresh ideas isn’t always easy.” Money Beagle

How to squeeze more money perks out of your job. “Employers are offering more workplace tools for employees to protect their health and their wealth — and workers should take advantage of them.” MarketWatch

3 Lists That Will Change Your Life. “You’ve used a list at one time or another, whether to remember why you’re at the grocery store, or to organize the debts you need to pay down. Lists can be a valuable tool in holding us accountable for the short-term, but most come and go.” MintLife Blog

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