April 10th, 2012

Tuesday Roundup: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Til Next Year To Ask For A Raise

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Til Next Year To Ask For A Raise. “Tina had just had her annual review with her supervisors, and, as you’ve probably figured out, it didn’t go well. While Tina had heard some of her co-workers had received modest raises – most of them dubbed “longevity” or “loyalty” raises to thank employees who’d stuck it out with the company during a recession-induced salary freeze – Tiny was bummed she hadn’t received a salary increase as well.” Sweating the Big Stuff

20 Books That Will Change Your Life and How You Think About Retirement. “If you are a part of what is considered Generation X, you know that you probably have anywhere from 25-35 years until retirement — or at least that’s what the government and most pension plans suggest as a retirement age.” Generation X Finance

It’s Not Your Fault Your Fund Can’t Keep Up. “Good news: The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index is up 12.6% (including dividends) for the year, one of the best first quarters in a long, long time.” Wall Street Journal

Should You Even Save Money in Your 20s? “When I’m out at a social event or on a trip I usually don’t mention to new friends that I’m a personal finance blogger right off the bat. I just don’t care for awkward drunken arguments about saving money and how personal finance works. I try to avoid giving unsolicited advice at all costs.” The Financial Blogger

Getting Money For Starting Out. “Starting your side gigs can be the hardest part of getting going. Like it or not, most side businesses do require some level of funding. I like websites and blogging because the start-up capital required is very small – you can get a domain name and hosting for around $60.” Multiple Incomes

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