April 17th, 2012

Tuesday Roundup: How to Start Making Passive Income

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How To Start Making Passive Income. “As many of you know, passive income is the core strategy of my early retirement plan. Currently, we have about $1,400/month of passive income. Of course, it would be better to have more passive income, but even $1,400/month took a very long time to build. Some readers were wondering how I got started so I wanted to write a bit more about the beginning stages.” Retire by 40

Early Retirement: It’s Not As Risky As You Might Think. “Like you, I’ve been inspired by the teachings of the Financial Samurai for some time now. I enjoy his constantly bullish take on life, his flame-breathing enthusiasm for hard work, and his interesting tales involving of money and rental properties.” Financial Samurai

Navigating Combined Finances – Joint Account or Not? “Confession time: I am horribly selfish with money. Well, maybe not selfish – just particularly cautious. In my adolescent years I watched my parents’ marriage implode, and with it the sense of financial security I’d maintained for most of my childhood.” Make Love, Not Debt

The Many Flavors of Loans. “Money can be lent to those in need, at a reasonable rate, from a pool of money that comes from investors and savers. When the lending institution provides money for consumers to borrow, either secured or unsecured, the practice is known as providing a consumer loan.” Rich Credit Debt Loan

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