December 5th, 2011

Monday Roundup: Why It Matters That the Savings Rate Fell

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Why It Matters That the Savings Rate Fell. “After the economy took a nosedive in late 2008, Americans realized that it might not be a good idea to always rely on credit during emergencies and many people started stashing money away for a rainy day.” Cash Money Life

Surprising Facts About Black Friday 2011 [Infographic]. “This Black Friday, 226 million people all over America poured into the malls and logged onto the e-commerce sites in record breaking numbers to the tune of $52 billion in sales by the end of the weekend. That’s a lot of people and a lot of moola! But…Just what exactly do these numbers represent?” ReadyForZero

Investing Tip: Don’t Be Like an “Overly Emotional Teenaged Girl.” “CNNMoney features an excellent column by Paul R. La Monica today contrasting the’“overly emotional teenaged girl with an unrequited crush. OMG! My life is over!’ stock market investors with the seemingly apathetic and ‘too-cool-for-school kids that don’t get bothered by anything’ bond market investors.” Enemy of Debt

What and When to Buy: the Biggest Discounts. “You might want to hold off those purchases until it’s the right season for it. Some months have bigger discounts for certain items — Consumer Reports magazine revealed a calendar guide for the best deals.” SavvySugar

U.S. Savings Rates vs. The World. “According to the latest Smart Money magazine, who nabbed the stats from the World Bank, the United States’ savings rate is only around 10% – MUCH lower than many other countries like India (28%), Switzerland (32%) and even China (51%!!!).” Budgets Are Sexy

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