December 12th, 2011

Monday Roundup: How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse

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How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse. “Living and sharing your money with someone isn’t always an easy task. When you choose to share your life in close quarters with someone, you start to learn more intimate details about their life – their bathroom habits, the little eccentricities that drive you nuts, those you can live with, and even their more personal spending habits.” Dinks Finance

6 Things to Do Before the End of the Year. “The last days of 2011 are in sight, which means many of us are procrastinating with the rationale that we’ll be on top of our game in the new year. There are a handful of money and job-related tasks that can’t wait until the ball drops (and hopefully you’re already working on your short December to-do list), so get on the ball now by accomplishing these six things before the new year.” SavvySugar

Holiday Spending Stress. “Holiday spending is a source of concern and stress for many Americans, even as they plan to spend less money, according to recent CBS News polls. A third say they feel more stress than usual about the amount they plan to spend on gifts, and half are concerned they will not be able to afford the gifts on their list this season.” Bucks

Do You Have Spending Guilt Or Frugality Disease? “My parents taught me never to order a beverage other than tap water because prices were astronomically high compared to cost. Til this day, I still have trouble ordering anything other than a glass of water with a lemon slice if I’m going out to eat.” Financial Samurai

The CFPB’s New Credit Card Agreements. “Although Congress is dragging its feet in confirming the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s potential director, the bureau has been busy developing new tools to help consumers understand agreements that are potentially damaging to a family’s finances. Last year, issuers debuted new credit card statements designed to frighten borrowers into paying off debt faster.” Consumerism Commentary

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