November 14th, 2011

Monday Roundup: Caught Ya! My Teenager’s Sly Attempt to Get His Own Credit Card

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Caught Ya! My Teenager’s Sly Attempt to Get His Own Credit Card. “Last month we found a letter in our mailbox from Discover credit cards that was addressed to my teenage son, Matthew. Now why would Discover be contacting my son? You know, the mere thought of a credit card in my 14-year-old son’s hands really gets my hackles up, considering his poor money management skills and reckless free spending ways.” Len Penzo dot Com

5 Carry-On Items to Prevent Airport Spending. “Your holiday spirit might be enough to get you through crowded airport security, but the longer flight delays this season may require a little more than patience. The boredom of waiting can cause even the most budgeted traveler to find herself browsing the airport kiosks, bars, and boutiques. Prevent unnecessary airport spending by remembering to pack these 5 things.” SavvySugar

Borrow eBooks From Your Local Library to Save Money. “I’m a huge fan of sitting down and reading a good book. I’ll read personal finance books, business management, and various genres of non-fiction. If you’re a bookworm and find yourself reading a lot, a natural suggestion to save money is to use your local library system for free book rentals.” No Debt Plan

Roth IRA FAQ’s – Rules, Contributions, Limits and More. “Roth IRAs are one of the most popular retirement plan investment options. This page will give you the information you need to know about Roth IRAs, including how Roth IRAs work, Roth IRA rules, benefits of opening a Roth IRA, comparing Roth IRAs to other retirement plan options, how and where to open a Roth IRA, and more.” Cash Money Life

How to Overcome Your Fears in Stock Market Investing. “One of the common stories from the recent recession is how shell shocked younger investors are. I’m not surprised because it seems like there is bad news every week and the market makes one hundred and two hundred points moves like it was nothing.” Bargaineering

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