October 3rd, 2011

Monday Roundup: 5 Easy Ways to Make Money by Using Your Credit Cards

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5 Easy Ways to Make Money by Using Your Credit Cards. “Now I know most of you guys are thinking the title sounds too good to be true. You might want to read this when you’re alone because nobody wants to share a “money making secret” with their coworkers.” Yes, I Am Cheap

Insider Info: 18 Tips to Saving Big Bucks in Whole Foods. “You can be savvy with Whole Foods grocery shopping if you know the tricks of the trade. People are loving organic food, especially with documentaries such as Food Inc. shedding light on unhealthy farming practices.” SavvySugar

Financial Advice for Today: What I Would Tell Financial Newbies Now. “If you are a financial newbie — young or old — congratulations on reaching out on your own for the first time. Furthering your knowledge of money will serve you well no matter your income level. Let’s get started.” No Debt Plan

10 Best Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate). “With job postings still scarce, job security dissipating, and wages seemingly stagnant at best, many people are trying to establish some security by creating multiple streams of income. It’s a smart strategy, but if you have trouble leaving your home or primary position to get to a second job, you’ll find yourself frustrated and stressed out.” Money Crashers

4 Reasons Why We Switched Banks: Should You? “Recently, we changed the bank where we have our checking account. Even that small change was something I did not want to do. I like simplicity, and moving accounts can be complicated at best, and downright messy at worst.” ChristianPF

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