May 10th, 2013

Link Roundup: The Finer Points of Getting Rid of Your Junk for Profit

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Funny Money: The Finer Points of Getting Rid of Your Junk for Profit “Since you read awesome personal finance blogs like this one, surely you’re aware of the mystical powers of compound interest. But did you realize that the same principles apply to stuffed animals and squeeze bottles?” Money Under 30

Why Saving In Your 20s Is Easier Than Waiting “We’ve been over before why saving when you’re young is so beneficial, it gives your money a lot of time to double over and over. At an 8% rate of return (which is merely average over a long period of time), a $10,000 investment at age 25 will grow to be over $217,000 by age 65. That’s almost 22 times your initial investment! Saving while you’re in your 20s will yield incredible benefits, you just need to make sure you sock away as much as possible while you’re still young.” Sweating the Big Stuff

Overlooked Secrets to Do Away With Debt “To eliminate debt, you have to be both patient and persistent. There is no overnight solution to owing lots of money, but there are ways to minimize the obligations over time. Some of the most common techniques are reducing spending, making larger credit card payments, and getting a second job.” The Wisdom Journal

Pay Yourself First to Grow Your Savings Automatically! “One of the best ways to avoid dipping your fingers into your savings (especially your emergency fund for non-emergencies) is to automate your savings accounts so that your money flows through your personal economy without much interference from you. When you automate your savings accounts, you can force yourself to practice financial discipline — and work toward financial freedom.” Being Frugal

How to Spend Less on Some of Your ‘Needs’ “Enough about historical comparisons and international economics. Let’s look at a few examples of what Americans today consider needs and just how ridiculous (and expensive) they are. While we’re at it, let’s consider some common sense alternatives.” Free From Broke

The Difference Between Financial Freedom And Financial Independence “What is the difference between Financial Freedom and Financial Independence? Most people will tell you that they mean the same thing. They’ll say that it’s just a difference in terminology that can be used interchangeably. I won’t say that those people are wrong, but I have a slight difference in opinion.” Budget For Wealth

Don’t Overpay for Your Insurance “If there’s one thing that we all hate to pay, it’s insurance. In fact, I recently spoke to my car insurance agent and he even said that he hated to pay his insurance, and that’s his own field! But, even though we may not like it, and even though it feels like we’re just throwing our money away, it’s a necessary expense.” Not Made of Money

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