October 4th, 2013

Link Roundup: Is Your Year-End Financial Plan Missing Something?

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Is Your Year-End Financial Plan Missing Something?


Is Your Year-End Financial Plan Missing Something? “No question: Q4 is the carpe diem quarter. You’ve got nine months of the year behind you, the blank slate of 2014 around the corner—and a small window of time to tackle financial chores before the holidays hit… Yep, there’s a lot to do, and you may not nail every item on your To Do list (who does?). But this primer will make sure you don’t miss anything crucial, so that you’re in great shape when the New Year comes dancing in.” Betterment

How To Save Time With Your Finances “While I love always having our finances up to date, I loath spending any more time than is necessary to do so. Time is a scarce commodity around our house these days but I sure don’t want to be caught having to pay a fee for an overdue bill. Over the years there have been a few methods we’ve used to simply our financial record keeping – methods which have saved us a considerable amount of time. Here’s what has worked for us:” Not Made of Money

3 Surefire Ways to Lose Your War Against Debt “So how’s your war on debt going? Ours has been a rough slog lately… And I’m beginning to realize that, while I don’t have “the perfect” advice on getting out of debt, I do know a lot about what NOT to do. So today, that’s what I want to talk about – how NOT to win this war.” Man Vs. Debt

You Can’t Out Earn Bad Spending Habits “My doctor expressed some concern over my rising weight during my recent annual physical. I told him that I have a solid exercise regiment, working out six or seven days a week. Unfortunately, I use my massive amount of exercise to justify eating anything I want. What he said next shocked me: Losing and maintaining your weight is 80% diet.” Enemy of Debt

Not Every Baby Is Born Into Royalty But Yours Can Still Prosper “Of course, not every baby is born into royalty, with the proverbial silver spoon. Chances are, you probably wouldn’t want that life for your child anyway. While you may be from modest means, you CAN help your child get a financial advantage over many of his peers by taking important steps when he or she is young.” Free From Broke

6 Successful Money Habits We Can Learn from U.S. Immigrants “Our country was built by successive waves of hungry, hard-working immigrants determined to create a better life for themselves. Immigrating to a new land – whether yesterday’s Pilgrims arriving in New England or today’s immigrants taking up residence in the United States – requires real ambition and a desire to get ahead. It should come as no surprise, then, that immigrants tend to perform well on many financial metrics.” Mint Life Blog

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