January 25th, 2013

Link Roundup: How to Reduce the Costs of Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities

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How to Reduce the Costs of Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities “Times have certainly changed, with younger and younger children going from school to music lessons to sports practice to scouts. Not only do all the extra activities take up a lot of time in the car, they can also be difficult for parents to afford. In addition to the clear registration, activity, and equipment fees, there can also be unexpected fees for things like team photos or group snacks. Here are four ways to reduce the costs of your children’s extracurricular activities, without giving up the fun:” MoneyNing

Money Tips from Hipsters “In the area of money, I know looking back can be depressing as you reflect on money spent, accumulated debt, or how much you don’t have. Have no fear, I am here to encourage you along your journey. As a blogger who writes about life and finances, I am always looking around me for new ways to manage my finances. I have come with these money tips, that are straight from the streets of San Diego, and were taught to me by the life of a Hipster.” Bruce Bucks

How To Resist The January Sales “Whether your Christmas was a rowdy family affair, or a more quiet celebration, once the festivities have passed, things can feel a little flat. So it’s hardly surprising that many people opt to cheer themselves up by hitting the January sales in a bid to bag a bargain or two. But if your finances are already tight, spending more cash could leave you financial worse off in 2013.” Curb Your Consumerism

Sell your stuff: Make money by getting rid of your clutter “82% of homes in the U.S. have two or more car garages, but only 15% use them to park the car inside. Most of the garages are used as storage space. If that is not enough, the total self-storage rent-able space in the US is now 2.3 billion square feet [approximately 210 million square meters]. What are we storing? Why do we need so much storage space? I don’t know about others, but I store clutter. Yes, I do have quite a few valuable things, but they are buried in a mountain of clutter.” Wealth Informatics

6 Tax Tips for this Upcoming Tax Season “Benjamin Franklin famously said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes” and come April 14th, hardworking citizens will be scrabbling to get theirs done in time. Tax season doesn’t have to totally stress you out every year. With proper planning and attention to details, you can have your taxes done long before the (in)famous deadline. Here are some tips on how to “keep calm and carry on,” so to speak, and save yourself some headache during this hectic time.” Faith and Finance

Renovation Tips to Increase Home Value “Home renovation and remolding projects can cost a fortune, so it’s imperative for homeowners to be fully prepared from the beginning of the process to get their anticipated results. Homeowners generally plan upgrades to make their living spaces more practical or comfortable as residents. Those who are remodeling specifically to add resale value have the extra burden of identifying trends in popular demand. The steep prices of remodeling prompt homeowners to make educated choices to earn the highest returns on their investments. Follow these detailed tips to smoothly complete a renovation with the highest amount of recouped funds.” Thousandaire

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  1. Thanks for the link love. Have a great weekend everyone!

    Matt at 2:18 pm on January 25, 2013
  2. This is a fantastic collection of links. When I was a kid, my parents had to contribute a few snacks for parties and maybe some money for school pictures and a trip or two. Now, it seems like there’s a new fundraiser, trip, photo shoot, event, or new activity every week – and it can be crippling if you don’t know what to expect so that you can add it into your budget.

    Dona Collins at 1:29 pm on January 30, 2013

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