February 22nd, 2013

Link Roundup: How Much Do You Really Need?

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How Much Do You Really Need?


How Much Do You Really Need? “If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I’ve said that you need as much passive income as you need to live your Life’s Purpose. Even without knowing your Life’s Purpose, though, I can still tell you roughly what your Perfect Number should be. You should aim to live no better than your closest group of friends.” 7million7years

I Saved $100 By Making Companies Compete “About a month ago I was installing a new dishwasher and I was using Tag’s cell phone as a flashlight. Being the handyman that I am, I got water all over the place and it destroyed Tag’s phone.” Thousandaire

Is Your College Debt Strangling You? “Do you have very little breathing space? Are you stuck living paycheck to paycheck? Does it feel like you can’t get ahead?” Studenomics

(Baby) Steps Toward Financial Independence “Financial independence is one of the last external steps towards adulthood. While we can move out, get a degree, and even hold down a job, many of our parents are still helping us out in our early twenties.” Consumer Boomer

Could Gas Cost More Than Your Car? “A major story on the NBC Today Show was about the sharp rise in the price of gasoline. One ‘expert’ claimed that, unless you have a very fuel-efficient vehicle, over a car’s lifetime gasoline will cost you more than the purchase price.” Freakonomics

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