December 21st, 2012

Link Roundup: Four Ways to Pay Off Your Home Faster Than You Thought Possible

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Four Ways to Pay Off Your Home Faster Than You Thought Possible “Most people don’t think about paying off their homes aggressively. We all grew up hearing how long it takes to finally own a home, and even the bank makes it seem like it should take decades (which is in their best interest, not yours). Combined with all the economic doom and gloom floating around, aggressively working to own your home sounds a bit crazy.” Three Thrifty Guys

How to Have Fun on a Budget “There are countless ways to still have fun and be smart about our spending. If you aren’t older like me and still in college, these tips apply to you to since most likely you are on a shoestring budget as well.” 20’s Finances

6 Financial Tips for the End of the Year “2012 definitely seemed like it flew by quickly. Hopefully it did not seem to escape you as quickly as it seemed to escape me. With the end of the year quickly approaching, there are many personal finance money moves that you might want to do or try in order to fully maximize the year. This is so that you can plan more realistically for 2013, and to also see how you truly did in the year of 2012.” My Multiple Incomes

Tips for Holiday Giving- Awkward Situations and All “Giving and getting gifts can be a joyful occasion or an incredibly awkward one. Whether you hate a present but have to pretend to love it or you left someone off your list, you can handle almost any situation by remembering these tips — and what the holidays are all about.” SavvySugar

4 Ways to Save by Doing Little Things “Most of us have heard of the ‘latte factor’ and how we can save a lot in the long run by spending a little less in the short run. While some bloggers love the latte rule and others think it is stupid, here are some ways to find the latte in your life to save big in the long run.” Narrow Bridge Finance

When are Credit Card Annual Fees Worth Paying? “Paying a fee to a credit company for the privilege of using their credit card seems ludicrous, right? Why would anyone intentionally pay an annual fee? With so many free credit card options it just seems insane to pick one with an annual fee. On the other hand, if you actually take some time to take a closer look at some of the perks you get by paying an annual fee for a specific credit card you might find the perks outweigh the costs. For the longest time I personally thought this was crazy, but I’m starting to come around. Let’s dig a little deeper.” Free From Broke

13 Ways to Avoid a Scam in 2013 “A new year is just around the corner, bringing with it new opportunities … to get scammed. Oh, there I go again with my gloom and doom. But someone’s gotta say it, and that ‘someone’ is me: You don’t have to be a victim in 2013. You can avoid the schemes, swindles and shady deals and almost always get the best price when you go shopping, too. Here are a few strategies you probably won’t read anywhere else:” MintLife Blog

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