April 5th, 2013

Link Roundup: 9 Crazy Tax Deductions That Actually Worked

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9 Crazy Tax Deductions That Actually Worked “There are your common tax deductions and then there are others. The ultimate goal when doing your taxes is trying to minimize the amount of money that you give up to the government and with that in mind some people get pretty creative to say the least.” Generation X Finance

How to Get Rid of Your Old Electronics “So what can you do with your electronics when they’re no longer of use? Here are a few environmentally friendly options.” Wise Bread

5 Debt Lessons from the Wizard of Oz “Do you ever feel like Dorothy did, wanting to run away but not knowing where you should go? Perhaps your poor financial decisions are chasing you down and debt is eating away at your happiness. What’s one to do? Here are some lessons we can learn from Dorothy. So click your ruby slippers three times, and take the journey with Dorothy toward freedom!” Dough Roller

Why You Need an Emergency Fund for Your Parents “If you have parents who are elderly or in poor health, consider opening a savings account dedicated to making their lives, and yours, a little easier. That fund can pay for:” Ask Liz Weston

The 4 Most Common Tax Return Scams and How to Protect Yourself “Every year, there seems to be more ways scammers find to rob you of your tax refund. According to CNNMoney, nearly 2/3rds of Americans get a tax refund, and the average refund in 2011 was more than $3,000. With that kind of money at stake, it’s no wonder scammers continue to find creative ways to get their hands on your cash. As you prepare to file your taxes this year, be aware of these four common tax return scams:” Free From Broke

How Do Credit Cards Make Money? “So yeah, credit cards are 14 different kinds of awesome. Except for just one thing. I don’t think many people really understand how the business works. Allow me to bust some myths. That’s right, it’s Mythbusters, Nelson style.” Financial Uproar

Why you don’t want a tax refund “Are you hoping for a big tax return this year? About half of all Americans get a tax return and the average amount is a whopping $3000! That sure sounds good, but what it really means is that those people have been overpaying the IRS about $250 a month. Here’s how it works:” Consumer Boomer

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