November 15th, 2013

Link Roundup: 7 Money-Saving Strategies That Can Cost You More

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7 Money-Saving Strategies That Can Cost You More


7 Money-Saving Strategies That Can Cost You More “Going DIY is one of many ways that people try to save money, but can end up paying more in the long run. Here are six more.” Get Rich Slowly

4 Ways to Use Credit to Get Out Of Debt “If you are having trouble paying off credit card debt, you need help. Paying off a large balance can be one of the most difficult challenges in personal finance, but there are some resources and strategies that can help you. Here are a few of the credit tools out there that make the task of paying off your debt a little easier.” MintLife Blog

Are You Getting Richer Every Year? “Are you getting richer every year? It’s not election year, but how are you doing compared to 4 years ago? If you are on the right track, you should be doing quite a bit better than you did 4 years ago. The general premise is that time is on your side when it comes to building wealth. Essentially, the longer you’re alive and kicking, the wealthier you should be.” Retire By 40

The two-word secret to personal finance success “It wasn’t long ago I suggested in this space there was a one-word reason for the colossal indebtedness of Americans. That word, I ventured, was “supersize.” By supersizing everything from combo meals to homes and cars, folks nationwide were ensuring they’d suffer supersized debt burdens and super-slender savings, I wrote.” Five Cent Nickel

Protect Yourself From Holiday Credit Card Fraud “Holiday shopping means more opportunities to whip out your plastic—and more opportunities for thieves to try to steal your identity. Here’s what you should do.” Ask Liz Weston

5 Things I Learned Doing Financial Planning “During my last year and a half as a college student, I did an internship with one of the top firms in the financial services industry. And lucky for me, it wasn’t one of those coffee/donut/make copies kind of internships. I actually had my own financial planning practice and did everything the full-time guys did.” Budgets Are Sexy

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