February 1st, 2013

Link Roundup: 10 Ways to Save $100 This Week

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10 Ways to Save $100 This Week “The following list features both kinds of savings strategies — big ones that work all at once, and little ones that add up over time. All of them can be put into action during America Saves Week, and every single one ensures that you can have your cake and eat it too.” Wise Bread

How to Avoid Overpaying for a Car Repair at the Dealer “Dealing with a broken-down vehicle is difficult to say the least. Not only are you without transportation, but you also have to figure out which repairs are vital and if the shop’s quote is reasonable. While your first priority may be to get your car fixed asap, the worry that you’re overpaying could be enough to drive you off the deep end.” Own the Dollar

Boomers Beware: The Insecurity of Social Security “Baby boomers who think they can rely on Social Security to support them during retirement might want to make other plans. According to the Social Security Administration, trust funds that supply the program with money will deplete their reserves by 2033. That’s three years earlier than previous projections. This situation brings a lot of uncertainty to current and future retirees who have not made independent financial plans outside of Social Security payments.” Good Financial Cents

4 credit card tricks for vacation planning “While it’s satisfying to harvest the perks for our past credit card spending, the best part may be knowing that this year’s reward points may help finance our next trip. With a little research and legwork, credit cards can help you get more for your vacation dollar — especially if you know a few tricks.” Money Blue Book

My Simpler Budgeting Strategy “We’re moving through the process of buying our first home (more on that in a few weeks), so it was clearly time to give our budget an overhaul. Through the process of re-working our budget, I discovered a really effective methodology that combines a number of different components into a single, simple budget.” Fiscal Fizzle

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation “Debt Settlement is a method by which you and your creditor agree that you’ll only pay a portion of what you owe and call it even. Debt Consolidation is a method by which you lump all your debts together with a 3rd party service and then pay them monthly until it’s paid off. Here’s some Pros and Cons of using debt settlement versus a debt consolidation program:” Leave Debt Behind

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  1. Although it won’t save you $100, you should consider unplugging any electronics that aren’t being used. Toaster, cell phone chargers, etc.

    Nick @ CreditRanker.com at 1:03 pm on February 7, 2013

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