August 12th, 2011

Friday Roundup: Why You Should Consider a Roommate Agreement

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  • Why You Should Consider a Roommate Agreement. Getting a roommate is a great way to share costs and lower rent. But living with someone is not always easy, as these roommate horror stories illustrate. One way you can limit problems is by creating a roommate agreement. This is a formal document that spells out living arrangements and responsibilities. It may sound odd to create a legal contract, but it is often a sensible idea. Here are three reasons why. Savvy Sugar
  • 5 Mortgage Scams. The sagging economy and sluggish housing market create the perfect environment for mortgage scams, with desperate homeowners as easy prey for scammers. Bankrate
  • 5 Budget Friendly Ways to Bring More Life to Your Apartment. Are you getting ready to move into an apartment? If you are dreading the prospect of staring at blank beige walls, do not despair. While we understand that many property owners do not allow tenants to paint with the latest trending colors, it is still possible to add some spice and texture to your home. Prairie Eco-Thrifter
  • Why So Many People Are House Poor and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate. Wouldn’t it be nice if buying a home were as easy as walking into a store and out with a new smartphone? Unfortunately, it’s hardly so simple. Money Under 30
  • Which Mortgage is Right for You? Recently, I’ve been spending more time than I care to admit with mortgage brokers. First my wife and I refinanced our home to take advantage of the low mortgage rates (we got 4.825% fixed for 30 years on a super conforming loan). And then I refinanced one of my investment properties. Dough Roller

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  1. Thanks so much for the inclusion!! Have a great weekend.

    Miss T @ Prairie EcoThrifter at 6:54 pm on August 12, 2011
  2. Thank you for these tips! I will keep this in mind for my apartment rental agreement with my tenants.

    Jennifer Banks at 10:01 am on August 15, 2011

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