March 30th, 2012

Friday Roundup: Why Folgers Coffee Is More Expensive Than You Think

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100 Words On: Why Folgers Coffee Is More Expensive Than You Think. “All things considered, most coffee drinkers realize that brewing their java at home is significantly more cost effective than buying it from Starbucks. However, those who use a typical automatic drip coffee maker may not be saving quite as much as they think.” Len Penzo dot Com

If I had 600 Million Dollars… “Well if you’ve been living under a rock then you aren’t yet aware that the Mega Millions Lottery has a world record Jackpot. At the time of publishing this post, it was up to $640 Million!!” The Debt Princess

Forget the mortgage, consumers pay car loan first. “In a new twist in how bills are paid, cash-strapped consumers increasingly are fearful of losing their cars, choosing to make auto-loan payments ahead of their home mortgages and now even credit-card payments, a study released Thursday showed.” MarketWatch

Learning About Hidden Credit Card Charges. “It is very tempting to get an offer for a new credit card with a low interest rate, but make sure to read the fine print on the application or you could find they are charging you fees that were hidden in the small print and that you are subject to rate increases that you weren’t expecting.” Rich Credit Debt Loan

Frugality and the Street Vendor. “A few days ago, I ran across some older videos that I made during some of the work-related trips I took early in the last decade.” The Simple Dollar

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