February 24th, 2012

Friday Roundup: Tooth Fairy Cost Cutting Points to Still Struggling Economy

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Tooth Fairy Cost Cutting Points to Still Struggling Economy. “Some people might look to the Dow Jones industrial average or the state of local business to figure out where the economy is headed, but a poll released this week indicates they need look no further than their kids’ bedrooms. More specifically, under their children’s pillows.” Live Science

[IMAGE] Business Plan. Looking for a new small-business idea? This xkcd comic has you covered. xkcd

My Experience At a Storage Auction. “When a buddy told me about his love affair with Storage Wars I let him know I wasn’t a fan of the show despite loving Pawn Stars and Shark Tank but the conversation still gave me an idea. Why couldn’t this be another income stream? The idea seemed simple enough, someone who didn’t pay their storage fees would have their unit auctioned and I would purchase that unit and then sell its contents for a profit.” My Journey to Millions

How to Pay for Kid’s Activities without Breaking the Bank. “If my son had his way, he would be taking tap dance, playing soccer and baseball, and taking piano and guitar lessons. However, we simply don’t have the money or the time to put him in that many activities. If you have children who want to explore many extracurricular activities, here are some ways to keep them active without spending more than you can afford.” Saving Money Today

How We Replaced My Wife’s Income. “Are you a two income family trying to figure out how to survive on one? Perhaps your spouse dreams of staying home with the kids, or maybe you recently lost your job and you’re struggling to make ends meet. Maybe you’re single and looking for additional income, or older and looking to retire early.” Saving to Invest

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