January 20th, 2012

Friday Roundup: Sneaky Pizza Delivery Fees Are Here to Stay (and It’s Your Fault)

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Sneaky Pizza Delivery Fees Are Here to Stay (and It’s Your Fault). “I love sleight of hand tricks. Occasionally, a coworker of mine named Fred will stop by my office and regale me with some truly amazing acts of prestidigitation. I’m always left in awe every time he seemingly pulls a coin out of thin air — or makes one vanish — despite the fact that I know ahead of time he’s going to pull a fast one on me. It doesn’t matter how hard I concentrate on those coins; I always succumb to Fred’s subtly masterful acts of misdirection.” Len Penzo dot Com

Get Your Financial Life On One Page (FLOP). “Being impacted by my uncle’s premature death and wanting to do everything I can do to help my wife, I decided to create a system for keeping things organized.” Christian PF

The Right Amount Of Life Insurance. “If you haven’t done so already, calculate your net worth to assess how you did this past year. Hopefully, you’ve grown your net worth, despite the stagnant stock markets through aggressive savings, retirement company matches, a diversified investment portfolio, rental property cash-flow, and an increase in your start-up’s value.” Financial Samurai

Being Frugal Around The Clock By Saving All Week Long. “I’ve seen the term “everyday” savings used quite a bit. These are the types of savings you make on ordinary “everyday” things such as your groceries, daily living expenses and such. Now many people may find saving money as overwhelming but in reality, it’s a habit you can develop gradually so that it comes more naturally to you.” The Digerati Life

My Car Has Been Repossessed, Now What? “About 3 years ago, I lost my car. It was not stolen although that is what I told several people due to embarrassment. Nope, it was repossessed.” Soldier of Finance

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  1. Thank you for the mention. Have a fantastic weekend!

    Financial Samurai at 9:57 pm on January 20, 2012

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