November 18th, 2011

Friday Roundup: How Not To Suck at Applying for a Job

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How Not To Suck at Applying for a Job “Most people absolutely suck at applying to jobs.
And this is GREAT NEWS. Why? Because it means that with just the tiniest bit of consideration and work, you should be able to absolutely crush your next job search.” Money Under 30

Festive (and Frugal) Holiday Decorating “Now’s the time when many of us begin to turn our thoughts to decorating our homes for the holidays. No matter which holidays you chose to observe, the accompanying decor helps breathe new life into the winter doldrums. Don’t let your efforts to deck the halls leave you emptying your wallet because there’s a multitude of fun, festive and frugal ways to decorate that will leave you with more than two cents to rub together.” The Sun’s Financial Diary

Case Study: How Brian turned a hobby into a business — and almost doubled his rates “The most dependable way to earn more money is to provide more value to your customers. That’s obvious. And the most dependable way to provide more value to your customers is to listen to them and take the time to really understand what they want and need…then give it to them. That’s also obvious. So why do so few people actually take the time to do it?” I Will Teach You to Be Rich

4 Tips For The Coin Monster “I hit up my friend, Mr. Coin Monster, last night, and I wanna play a quick game with you. How many coins do you think I fed him this time around?? 😉 I can’t remember the last time I paid him a visit (or, rather he paid ME! *bah dum ching*) but I can tell you that I’ve blogged about it twice in the past 3 years: Once in 2008 when I saved $101.62 before the commission, and once in 2010 when I got back $76.48 – so that should give you some sort of idea to go on other than that pic up there.” Budgets Are Sexy

14 Staycation Ideas & Ways To Save Money With Local Travel “Long distance travel does not suit everyone’s fancy. A lot of us, including myself, prefer to have fun by becoming a local explorer. Why not entertain a few ideas for saving money by focusing on local travel?” The Digerati Life

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