October 18th, 2012

Newsletter Review: MoneyNing

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Next up in the newsletter review series is MoneyNing. Founded in 2007, David Ning runs this popular personal finance website. MoneyNing’s goal is to help its readers become debt-free, show them how to build wealth, and let them discover how financial choices have a direct impact on life.

Signing up for David’s MoneyNing email newsletter was simple. All I had to provide was my first name and email address.

What does it promise?

The signup form indicates that you’ll receive the ebook “How to Save Money on Everything,” for free. The ebook is forthcoming, so I’m excited to be among the first to know when it’s released. I’ll make sure to check it out and tell all of you faithful blog readers about it!

I was really curious to see what else would come with my email subscription, but I had to wait for the first email for that.

What do I really get?

There are two types of emails that come to your inbox each week.

The first thing you receive in MoneyNing’s newsletters is part one of a seven-part series called “7 Major Action Steps to Spend Less and Be Happy.” I’m a big fan of series, especially when they give actionable items or “homework.” (Yes, even we adults need homework sometimes.) Each of the seven-part series emails includes a section with tasks to do before the following week’s email.

In addition to the email series, you’ll get a weekly email summing up the most recent content on the MoneyNing blog. From there, you can click through to the full articles for further reading.

Newsletter Review: MoneyNing

Who is the newsletter for?

I love an email newsletter that keeps it simple. That’s just what David does with his two emails each week.

This email newsletter is for folks who like financial checkup reminders in their inbox. What’s great about MoneyNing’s content is that there are lots of different writers penning content on frugal living, investing, money management and more. There’s something for everyone.

Should I subscribe?

I give this newsletter my stamp of approval. Subscribe if you enjoy reading about how to evaluate your money situation, pay down debt, and save on everyday activities and items. David knows how to curate good content and get it to your inbox.

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  1. I went and checked out MoneyNing and found the coupon above, there were others as well. The guides are fine if you don’t mind being more intensive about your finances (you might be lucky enough not to worry).

    Thanks for giving me a heads up, try your own optionexpress promo code.

    Bobby Tates at 11:16 am on July 23, 2013

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