October 11th, 2012

Newsletter Review: Money Under 30

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We’re kicking off our newsletter review series by checking out Money Under 30’s emails. This site is dedicated to educating young people about finances. During that sometimes awkward stage of transitioning from a college student to a young professional, Money Under 30 promises to help readers reach their money goals and save for the future. The website covers financial topics from investing and taxes to the psychology of money, plus everything in between.

Founded by David Weliver, Money Under 30 also has an email subscription service.

What does it promise?

There is a lot of content on Money Under 30—too much content for the average, busy reader to consume on a regular basis. It seems to me that’s why the email newsletter was created. It claims to contain “curated resources to help you take control of your money,” dubbed the “Insider’s Toolkit.” It includes several workbooks to help young people better understand and take control of their finances, although up-front it’s difficult to tell just what kind of content to expect.

What do I really get?

The very first thing you’ll receive as a subscriber is a welcome email with a link to download the “Money Under 30 Financial Toolkit,” a series of five free resources including “The Credit Card Survival Guide” and “The Couple’s Money Worksheet.” All of the resources come in PDF form, which is great for folks who still enjoy printing things out.

One of the most interesting resources in this series is the “Your Money Checklist,” which helps you determine where you stand when it comes to things like an emergency fund and expenses. This is pretty basic stuff, so it’s definitely for readers who are new to personal finances.

The next thing I noticed about the emails is that they don’t come every day – that tells me that it really is curated content. Money Under 30 claims they don’t like spam, and their email frequency seems to prove that’s true.

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Who is this newsletter for?

I’m tempted to say “everyone,” but that’s just because we can all use a lesson or two about money. However, this newsletter is really catered to the younger folks who fit one of the following credentials:

  • Fresh out of college
  • Newlyweds
  • Young professionals
  • New collect grads
  • First-time homeowners

Should I subscribe?

If you don’t fit one of the above categories, you can still subscribe, but you might find a lot of the content too basic or targeted. If you are one of the folks described above, I definitely recommend that you subscribe to Money Under 30’s emails.

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