November 14th, 2012

Newsletter Review: LearnVest

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Newsletter Review: LearnVest

It’s time for a newsletter for the ladies. In fact, how about three? That’s right, personal finance tool and educational website LearnVest has not one, but THREE different newsletters.

I’ve been a long-time subscriber to LearnVest, so I decided it was time to talk up their content here on the Credit Karma Blog.

What does it promise?

Unlike the other newsletters I’ve reviewed, LearnVest isn’t primarily a blog, although it has lots of great content. It’s a financial budgeting and financial advice tool. (In fact, LearnVest employs its own money professionals.)

But in addition to that, it also has three separate newsletters for its money-savvy female subscriber base:

  • The LearnVest Daily: “Get your daily news, money-saving tips and financial how-tos to live your richest life.” (Delivered Mon-Fri)
  • LV Moms: “For the mom on-the-go, tips and tricks to manage your household finances in style.” (Delivered Mon-Fri)
  • The Market: “A quick analysis of weekly market events that are relevant to you.” (Delivered Friday only)


What do I really get?

LearnVest really caters to its female audience with these three newsletters.

The LearnVest Daily comes each weekday and features an article posted on LearnVest that day. It also lists a few other articles, which you can read in their entirety on the site, and links to featured sections of the site, like the Knowledge Center.

LV Moms follows a similar structure, but with content focused on parenting.

The Market is probably my favorite newsletter from LearnVest. It comes just once a week and fills you in on what’s going on in the economy and politics. It’s geared toward the curious female reader who can’t get enough of market and investment talk.

Should I subscribe?

What makes LearnVest’s newsletters unique is that you can get the content you want by choosing which one interests you. Love general money talk? Sign up for the LearnVest Daily. If you’re a mom who loves reading about maximizing your money and honing your parenting skills, get LV Moms. If you want updates on what’s going on in the news and economy, but from a female perspective, the Market is the right newsletter for you.

Have a Karmic day!

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  1. I am looking forward to recieving my free emails newsletters from LearnVest.

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