August 15th, 2011

5 Best Smartphone Apps for Parents

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**It’s Parenting Week here on the Credit Karma blog! Each day we’ll bring you a post all about tips and tricks for parents and kids alike.**


Remember when loved ones teased, “Kids don’t come with instruction manuals! Ha!”

Well your smartphone, loaded with the right apps, can be your high-tech helper to make the hardest job in the world—raising your awesome kids—a little easier.

Here are Credit Karma’s favorite made-for-busy-parents smartphone apps to help you in your day-to-day parenting, from where to go when nature calls to teaching your kids money lessons.

1. Best App for Teaching About Money – Chore Bank

Why it’s cool: Kids are hands-on learners, so allowance is a great way to start learning their first money lessons. Chore Bank lets you create a “virtual bank account” for each of your kids, and set up a chore list and assign a money value to each chore. You can easily keep track of their allowance, completed chores, transactions at “The Bank of Mom and Dad,” plus it hopefully encourages you to start teaching your kids the value of money.

Cost: $1.99

For iPhone

2. Best App For Traveling – Have2p

Why it’s cool: Have2p is the app we wish we had back in the day on roadtrips or at the mall. The app automatically tells you the nearest bathroom to your location and even has additional notes like if there’s a changing table available and how clean it is. When your little one has to go, now you can save precious time and have some options when nature calls.

Cost: Free!

For iPhone and Android

3. Best App To Rock-a-Bye Baby – White Noise Baby

Why it’s cool: The next time you’ve got a screaming baby in the car, you might thank your lucky stars for White Noise Baby. The app will help your baby calm down and sleep with ambient sounds of wind chimes, classical music, car ride, and more. When baby gets fussy in public, there’s even a baby rattle that includes shapes and fun sounds to entertain baby into blissful peace.

Cost: Free for LITE version, and $0.99 for full app

For iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more

4. Best App for Hungry Kids – AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

Why it’s cool: The next time Junior asks, “What’s for dinner tonight?”, hand him your smartphone and he can help you decide. The AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is a cool app that lets you and your kids pick the type of meal and ingredients you want, and it’ll spin your choices into selected recipes. It’s a fun dinner tool, and may even get your kids into the kitchen to help.

Cost: Free

For iPhone and Android

5. Best App for A Bored Kid (or Parent) – Talking Carl

Why it’s cool: Talking Carl will make running errands, long grocery store trips, and dentist appointment waits thoroughly fun for your kid and you. It’s a fun, silly app that basically repeats everything you say with a funny voice from crazy character Carl. Plus, poke and tickle him for extra laughs. Careful; if you start playing with it, be sure to share with your kid too!

Cost: $0.99

For iPhone and Android

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  1. These sound fun! But have2p sounds like the greatest idea I’ve ever heard, especially if you travel a lot to unfamiliar areas and don’t want to risk using a horribly unclean bathroom. Brilliant! It’s great that smartphones can bring parents and children together and make cooking, saving, and using the bathroom fun 🙂

    CreditShout at 12:30 pm on August 16, 2011
  2. I believe, you smart phone device will actually be a smart device if it has the apps like you mentioned above. These apps make parenting easy and fun. Parents can take care of their child smartly. I like all the above so much. In fact, there are many apps like this in the app market. there is one app which can help you since you are pregnant will let you know about the pregnancy contractions and how to take care of your new born baby etc. Awesome applications.

    Anonymous at 1:49 am on November 14, 2011

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