January 4th, 2013

The Debt Movement: Wrangle Your Debt in 2013

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The Debt Movement

Ready for a New Year’s challenge? How about paying down $10,000,000 of debt in 90 days?

This week kicks off a debt-payoff project called The Debt Movement. It’s a huge undertaking to encourage the online community to work together to pay off $10,000,000 in 90 days. Paying down debt is usually an individual task, but the Debt Movement–brought to us by the folks at ReadyForZero and Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents—is a great way to encourage others and become motivated to get your debt down to $0 (or close to it). Oh, and if you join, you can apply for up to $2,000 in scholarships to help you pay off your debt.

How the Debt Movement Works

Paying down debt is good for your wallet and your credit score, so get started with the Debt Movement today by following these steps:

First, sign up for the Debt Movement at ReadyForZero and you can track your payoff progress using the charts in your account. ReadyForZero also helps you optimize your debt payoff by showing you which debts to pay down first. Read more in our review.

Next, sign up for the mailing list. You’ll receive emails chock-full of tips for building your income, paying down your debt, and more.

Finally, interact with the Debt Movement community to stay motivated. Here are a few good ways to do so:

  • Use the Forums – In the Debt Movement forums you can ask questions and share tips with others to keep you on track.
  • Meet the Debt Squad – This movement has brought together some of the best financial writers and bloggers from around the web. Read about them here and check out their individual sites if you want even more reading material.
  • Stay Connected to the Community – Join the active community on the social web, including Facebook and the Twitter hashtag #debtmovement. Plus, get regular updates on the Debt Movement blog.

Paying off your debt may be a scary and seemingly-impossible task, but what better way to do it than with thousands of other people cheering you on? Join the Debt Movement today and get 2013 off to an amazing start!


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