Now on Credit Karma: Full Credit Reports!

For years, Credit Karma has taken pride in providing free credit scores, credit monitoring and valuable educational resources. Now, we’re excited to introduce full credit reports to our family of features.

Credit Karma members are now eligible to check their TransUnion credit report at any time through their Credit Karma account, and to update their report once a week. The feature will allow unprecedented free access to interested consumers.

The Features

This new product isn’t simply a data dump. Instead, it’s a carefully crafted resource for your credit health. Here are a few of the highlights of Credit Karma’s full credit reports.

1. Always available, always free

Like everything on Credit Karma, your full credit report will always be available and always be free. Gone are the days of paying for credit reports. Forget about only getting your reports once a year. Instead, access your full TransUnion information anytime and always enjoy the liberty of printing out a hard copy for your records.

2. Information put in context

By bringing full credit reports to the site, we’re seeking to provide much-needed context to over 25 million members. Too often, credit reports confuse consumers and leave them with a less-than-clear picture of their financial health. To combat confusion, Credit Karma’s full credit reports come in an easy-to-understand format complete with educational blurbs and related reading. With Credit Karma, you can not only access your free report but truly understand it.

3. Key aspects highlighted

Your credit report will come with filters that point to areas that might deserve your attention. If one of your accounts has been reported as closed, if you’ve missed a payment or even if a new personal address has been added to your report, you’ll receive helpful notifications that will get to the heart of the change as well as tips on potential actions you could take.

4. A complete library of previous reports

In addition to your most recent report, you’ll gain access to one credit report for each account update, dating back to your date of registration. Every new credit report will stay available for future access. Access prior reports to get a better sense of how your finances have changed over time and to better prepare for your financial future.

Awesome! How do I get my report?

If you’re already registered for Credit Karma, all you have to do is log in to get access to your latest credit report. For those who haven’t registered already, now’s the time! Sign up and start collecting your full credit reports today.

Mike Goldstein is a Content Writer at Credit Karma. Since joining the team in June 2013, he's been delivering the financial know-how on the daily. When away from work, you can find Mike watching hockey, Twittering for hours and frequenting trivia nights.

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