Credit Karma’s New App Redesign Available Now on Android and iOS

We’re very pleased today to announce the launch of Credit Karma’s new app redesign, available now on both Android and iOS.

This new mobile redesign is a major reimagining of our mobile product, a reflection of the shift in how we see our members using Credit Karma on mobile. It has some of our most direct, specific and proactive product features to date and we’re excited that we can finally show it off to our members.

With our new update, members will receive critical insight into their credit scores directly from the home screen. As soon as a member logs in, this new experience will highlight two key pieces of information. We’ll show them if their score has changed and a quick tip on what might be impacting this.
Directly from the home screen, members can dive into their credit factors, with helpful insight into how they might improve their credit score; our new app proactively analyzes a member’s credit report to surface possible areas for improvement, featuring credit score simulations from TransUnion to help members see how paying down high credit card balances could affect their score.
Members may also see a prompt on their home screen in this new app for them to set up mobile credit monitoring. With the touch of one button, Credit Karma members can opt-in for credit monitoring alerts directly to their mobile device. When we see key credit report activity, like a hard inquiry or new line of credit opened, we can send out a push notification to our members to let them know and allow them to take action immediately if the activity is fraudulent.

That’s not all, either. For any member looking to shop for credit cards or loans from their mobile device, our new native credit card and personal loans marketplace makes it easier than ever for users to browse financial products within the app.

At Credit Karma, we realize that the massive adoption of mobile technologies in recent years means that for our member base the smartphone will become more and more of a primary access point. We want our mobile experience to reflect the new realities of mobile, showing members what they need to know straight away, when they need to know it; making it easier than ever for them to understand and interact with their personal finances with less hassle, directly from their mobile device.

We see this new update as the first of what we plan to be many steps toward our mobile-first vision and we’re excited for members to be able to try this out today.

Jonathan Chao
Mobile Product ManagerTags:Category:  Credit Karma