October 10th, 2013

The Nerds Behind Credit Karma: Keith

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Hey there! Are you excited to meet another awesome member of the Credit Karma team? Well, you should be!

This is Keith, one of our excellent software engineers. A little about Keith: he broke his arm three times in two years and is pretty much always wearing black so he doesn’t have to worry about color coordinating/matching his clothes. He also used to edit technical books, but we’re very glad he decided to join our team instead.

Learn more about Keith below!

The Interview

What’s your title at Credit Karma?
Software Engineer!

Describe in 25 words or less what you do.
In short: I help build the site. (Sorry, that’s way fewer than 25 words. But this parenthetical helps.)

How long have you worked at CK?
Around 9.63 months. Though by the time this is published, it will actually be
closer to 9.83 months.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CK?
That’s an easy one: the people! Awesome coworkers = an awesome time.

What’s your favorite snack in the CK kitchen?
Double bergamot earl grey tea. I have no idea what bergamot is, but I won’t stand for less than twice my share of it.

What is something your coworkers probably don’t know about you?
I’m a huge film geek! I actually have a master’s degree in film studies, and strongly considered going on to get my PhD.

What was your worst subject in elementary school?
Nap time. Even as a 6-year-old I was never able to sleep during the day, plus I had an inkling that nap time was a devious adult conspiracy. (Turns out I was right!)

What’s a secret (or not-so-secret) talent you have?
I’m really rusty right now so I’m not sure if it counts, but in my heyday I spoke pretty decent Japanese. (Alternatively: I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the first ten seasons of The Simpsons. Is that a talent?)

If you could pick any superhero power, what would it be and why?
I think Iron Man’s superpower would be really handy: being a rich jerk. (I’m halfway there.)

What’s your best credit/money tip?
Investing is easier than you think! Try setting some money aside — even if it’s only a little — and giving it a shot. Or if you have cold feet, you can invest some “imaginary” money into a few stocks or mutual funds, then track your (imaginary) gains and losses until you get the hang of it. It’s surprisingly fun!

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Stay tuned as we continue to reveal the nerds behind Credit Karma!

Nap time was the best!

Jenna, Credit Karma Contributor

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  1. Hey Keith,
    Your bio makes me think you might be a really helpful geek!! I know CK doesn’t want to hire people to interface with us johnQpublic but I have been been searching for on-line help without success.
    Here’s the deal: I signed up for CK with my employer email address. Not working there anymore. Can’t get into account because password reset was sent to defunct email. Can’t set up new account as it seems your great software logic has it tied to my SSN and I get message saying I’m trying to create duplicate account. Can you please help?

    Margie at 8:22 am on October 22, 2013
  2. Jenna

    Hi Margie, please email support@creditkarma.com and we’d be happy to send you instructions to get you back into your account. Thanks!

    Jenna at 8:35 am on October 22, 2013

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