June 28th, 2010

Monday Jumpstart to Personal Finance & Credit Report News

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We typically report on the state of the economy or the latest buzz around credit cards to introduce roundups. But today we’re sharing a more personal look.

The Money Crashers blog post, What I Wish I Had Taught My Daughter About Money, shares some fun and thoughtful financial insights that we wish we knew when we were younger, such as Always meet your financial obligations no matter how tough it might be, and, It’s not about whether you have a lot of money or a little, it is about living within your financial means, are a good indication–rather than stock prices and interest rates–of the state of our financial lives.

And my favorite is Treat yourself within reason every once in awhile. Depriving yourself is not healthy.

Today’s roundup is all about changes in your credit score and how to save more money, two big steps towards improving your financial outlook. Happy reading and welcome to the start of your work week!

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