May 5th, 2013

Infographic: Average Number of Accounts vs. Average Total Debt

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Ready for another infographic? Credit Karma‘s weekly infographic series visually informs consumers about their credit and overall financial health. This week, we compare the average number of open accounts and average total debt among the different credit score ranges. Scroll down to check out the results.



Share with us how you are working to lower your debt.


Amy Leone is the Public Relations Coordinator at Credit Karma. Before joining the team in June 2012 she spent most of her career as a TV news producer. When she’s not helping promote Credit Karma on a variety of media outlets, she’s probably out running or exploring her new state of California.

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  1. I am lowering my debt by paying off the lowest total amount due on a credit card while also paying off my other cards. For instance, I only owe 291 dollars on one card and will pay it off on Wednesday the 8th. After that I have a card that has almost 500 dollars on it and I will pay that off within 2 months. By paying off the lower cards first, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

    Cheryl Abbott at 8:41 am on May 6, 2013
  2. I am interested in learning how to rebuild my credit. I was a single parent for 20 years and got married when I turned 40 yrs old. As figures, my husband lost his job shortly after we were married and has not been able to get another one. Once again, I am the only income in my family still with the desire to rebuild my credit. I want to be able to purchase a house in two years. What do I need to do?

    Sylvia McKoy at 8:09 am on October 27, 2013
  3. I’m having trouble logging on, I keep getting re-directed has the site/name changed?

    Diana at 9:17 pm on February 15, 2014
  4. Mike

    Diana – Thanks for the comment. If you’d contact us at, we’d be happy to help out. Thanks!

    Mike at 3:04 pm on February 17, 2014
  5. My credit score seems like a joke. I paid down my credit cards and got them down to about 10% utilization vs. 30% so my “grade” went from a “B” to an “A” but instead of raising my credit score; this dropped it by 30pts! No other changes occurred. Could anyone explain this? If you break down my score and actually look at my statistics, I should theoretically have a much better score than what I have. I’ve never had a late payment, my utilization has never been higher than 30%; I have a good variety of credit lines (no mortgage or student loans though), yet my score is always “fair”. Why??? The only low grade I have is the number of years I’ve had my lines open but that’s something I can’t help since I’m only 22, and that doesn’t seem to be holding back other people.

    Megan at 7:37 am on June 18, 2014
  6. Mike

    Hi Megan – Thanks for your comment. Since your score comes directly from TransUnion, we won’t be able to say with 100% specificity why your score dropped. Since you’ve indicated that your credit history is relatively short at the moment, it’s possible that your age of credit history is what’s keeping your score somewhat lower at this time. If you have more questions about raising your score, I’d recommend checking out our credit advice center ( to see what’s worked out for other Credit Karma members.


    Mike at 5:04 pm on June 18, 2014
  7. So in just one year i went from having a score of 750 to a score of 663 just because i’m using over a 30% of my credit utilization,the reason why….. whenever you decide to payoff your credit cards bummm something happens ………… specially if you have a big family like me , my question is.. if I finish paying off my revolving debts (credit card) how long those it take to get my score back to the 730-750 like before?? I have heard different stuff, like maybe 3-6 month or up to a year, im very concern about it since im trying to buy a house in the next 6 years

    jose at 4:15 am on October 2, 2014

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