June 6th, 2013

How to Use Credit Karma’s “My Spending” Page

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A little over a month ago, we introduced our brand-new financial platform, Credit Karma Insight. In addition to free credit monitoring, we now offer free account monitoring, email alerts, and more!

We know that change is never easy, so we decided to start a video series to help you navigate through our completely redesigned site. Last time, we gave you a tour of the newly designed Dashboard.

In this video, Alec helps guide you through one of our favorite new features– the My Spending Page.

A Few Details About the “My Spending” Page:

The first thing you’ll probably notice is a cool graph that charts your net cash flow. You can customize this chart by selecting which accounts you’d like to see charted.

Under the “Money Out” tab, you can see how much money you’ve spent over the past six months and how you’ve spent that money, sorted into different categories. If anything is misclassified, simply hover over the category and change it to whatever is most applicable in order to get the most accurate picture of your spending habits. Using this is a great way for you to identify “problem” areas that you should probably work on.

Lastly, the “Money In” tab shows you where your money is coming from, again broken down by time and category. Need motivation to earn more money? Why not make it a personal goal to raise your average monthly earnings by next year?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Great feature. Using it for tax purposes but it’s only 6 months back. Anyway i can see for the last year?

    kevin at 10:27 am on January 21, 2016

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