June 20th, 2013

How to Monitor Your Credit with Credit Karma

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A couple of months ago, we introduced our new financial platform, Credit Karma Insight. In addition to free credit monitoring, we now offer free account monitoring, email alerts, and more!

We know that change is never easy, so we decided to start a video series to help you navigate through our completely redesigned site. Last time, we guided you through one of our favorite new features, the My Spending Page.

In this video, Jonathan shows how you can configure our Communications and Monitoring section to monitor your credit.

A Few Details About the “Communications and Monitoring” Section:

In addition to sending you important notifications and credit monitoring alerts, we can now send you a variety of reminders and alerts. To configure them, just click here.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, we can email you if a bill is due soon, notify you if there have been any withdrawals over a certain amount of money, tell you if your credit limit has changed, and much more. If you’re the forgetful type, you can finally rest at ease, knowing that Credit Karma can take care of the “remembering” for you.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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