September 17th, 2010

Friday Scoop on Credit Karma & Housing Market News

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recession proof

Looking for a way to escape the foul effects of the recession? CNN Money reveals the most recession-proof cities for you to pack up and run to if you want better financial prospects.

Omaha, Nebraska tops the list as America’s most recession-proof city, thanks to the low unemployment rate of 5.5% in June, as compared to the climbing 9.5% national unemployment rate. Omaha also has the lowest change in unemployment rate in the last three years.

The rankings consider factors such as home prices and unemployment rates to determine which are the strongest-performing metro areas. A stable housing market and strong labor rates signal robust economic activity of a well-performing city. More Midwestern cities ranked top 20, including Madison, Wisconsin, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as several Texan cities.

Some of the weakest performing cities and areas include Las Vegas, California, and Florida.

Are you living in a recession-proof city? If not, find ways to save on your home with today’s roundup of homeowner and renter advice; plus, extra advice for troubled homeowners. Have a great weekend everyone!

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