January 13th, 2012

Facebook Question: What are your 2012 credit goals?

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You don’t have to make a New Year’s resolution to get on the right track to good credit health. Any time is a good time to start focusing on your credit. We asked our Facebook community to answer the following question: What are your 2012 credit goals? Here are a few of our favorite answers. Can you spot the trending goals?

credit goals

“Get my cards paid off and just use for things like car repair, flights and medical.” Cynthia P.

“Pay down my small debt and not rack up any more.” Pamela C.

“Pay everything off and achieve my 750 score!” Jason M.

“Pay off a financed furnace, then credit cards. Between the two of us there are eight. Then, pay one of my five student loans. And finally boost my credit that last 80 points so I can get a great interest rate on a new house.” Christopher M.

“Total debt elimination. Boost credit score 100+ points.” Winston D.

“Pay off my credit card and purchase a newer vehicle. Paul O.

“Pay off debt and save for a house, hopefully next year.” Sara P.

“Boost my credit score and actually be able to get a credit card for the first time in my life.” Kimmy M.

“To get back to where I was before I bought my car. 723!” Melissa B.

“750!” Rick G.

“Debt be gone!” Jennifer E.

“Getting my score up!” Micki M.

“Pay off my debt!” Rolanda H.

What are you credit goals for 2012? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!

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