October 29th, 2010

Best Advice From Our Favorite Personal Finance Bloggers!

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Think back to when your grandparents, parents, mentor, or perhaps your best friend gave you the best piece of advice you still live by today. In our financial lives, we need guiding principles too to get us through rough patches and help us stay on track.

We asked our favorite personal finance bloggers to share with us the personal finance advice they live by. These bloggers have been through it all—hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, the best and worst credit scores, financial mistakes and triumphs—and lived to tell and blog about it to hundreds of thousands of readers.

We are proud to share with you what these luminaries of the blogosphere dared to share with Credit Karma, basically, THE best advice EVER:

Start NOW

  • KNOW where all your money is going! Doesn’t matter if you write it down on a napkin, or you use a super budget – just track it. Cash flow is KEY.
    J. Money @ BudgetsAreSexy
  • Pay your credit card balance off in full each month! Otherwise the cost of having a card outweighs the rewards.
  • In choosing a new account, always consider your banking habits before you begin your search. Knowing how you use your money will help you save and avoid fees. Also, focusing on a positive cash flow at the end of every month makes attaining other financial goals much easier.
    Alex, Co-Founder of MyBankTracker
  • When it comes to saving more money, it’s important to do three things: get started now, automate the process, and create a barrier to your savings.
    Phil @ PT Money
  • Start paying attention. Financial success depends on conscious decision making. Don’t let others make decision for you due to your inaction. Once you become aware of how money grows in your accounts, you’ll be able to make significant strides towards your goals, both for your finances and for your life.
    Flexo @ Consumerism Commentary
  • I’d have to say the best advice for me is to keep tweaking and improving. Whether it’s starting a budget or the commitment to pay off debt, it’s okay to start with a less than perfect plan because the push to get the ball rolling is the toughest part. Once you start, just keep monitoring and tweaking to make it better and better. David @ Moneyning


  • Don’t make long-term decisions based on right-now feelings – consider what you’ll think of that decision in ten years. Your neck tattoo is going to limit your employment opportunities, and a new puppy costs way more than kibble.
    Kira Botkin @ MoneyCrashers
  • Don’t day trade. Ever. Ever. Ever.
  • Stop competing with everyone else. There is no way you can get ahead financially if you are too busy looking behind you at where your peers are.
    David @ My Two Dollars
  • Americans spend way too much money buying and leasing cars, insurance, fuel, maintenance, modifications – all for a rapidly depreciating asset. Lose your pride, drive an old car, and save a lot of money.
    Bob @ Christian PF

Best Advice Ever?

  • Earn more than you spend; spend less than you earn. The rest will take care of itself.
    Ryan @ Cash Money Life
  • By far the most important advice I got was to spend less than you earn. It’s so simple to do and makes such a huge difference!
    Heather Levin @ The Greenest Dollar
  • Don’t spend more than you make. If you do you will be in debt.
    Craig @ Free From Broke
  • I have a new mantra which I use to help me focus my financial efforts: instead of spending less than I earn, I focus on making more than I spend.
    SVB @ The Digerati Life

Beyond the $$$

  • Setting goals is crucial in personal finance. Goals give you something to aim for, progress towards those goals give you confidence, and they provide guidance in what’s truly important in your life.
    Jim @ Bargaineering
  • Be honest and write, write, write. It is not only helpful in collecting your thoughts and financial information, but also it is also cathartic.
    Kevin @ RichCreditDebtLoan
  • Most people need to be held accountable to someone. Find that Someone! It could be a friend, a family member or readers of a blog.
    Evan @ My Journey To Millions
  • I think it was the interactions and exchanges of ideas that was the most helpful to my readers and me. As much as I share with my readers, I also learned a ton from them.
    Pinyo @ Moolanomy Personal Finance
  • Spend your money doing things instead of acquiring things. We spend our entire lives collecting stuff, it’s the memories we make that mean the most to us in the end.
    Hank Coleman @ OwntheDollar

Hope you enjoy these amazing words from great PF bloggers. Check out their blogs and catch up with more great work they do. Thanks for joining us this month for Credit Karma Bootcamp on our blog; we’ll be back next week with fresh credit and financial insights.



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