August 9th, 2010

SmartPhone Apps For Personal Finance

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**Today’s guest post is by Asher Fusco, a writer and editor at, which offers up-to-date bank rates, bank deals, & bank reviews to help consumers navigate the banking world & make smart financial decisions.**

Your smartphone offers seemingly endless possibilities — you watch movies, listen to music, talk or text with friends, or surf the web. But you can also use your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry for a more practical purpose: keeping track of your personal finances and credit accounts.

There are hundreds of personal finance trackers, loan calculators, and mobile banking apps, like the ones featured here at, or available in online stores such as the Apple App Store or the Android Market. Here are my favorite apps that could come in handy when you need to budget, organize, and manage your finances on the go.


Debt Snowball Pro — $2.99
Debt Snowball Pro is an app that could help you if you suffer from the misfortune of falling into debt. The app, available on iPhone, helps you use the “debt snowball” method of debt repayment, in which you pay off one debt only to apply the previous payment to your next debt. The app makes calculations for you, gives you an account-by-account breakdown, and shows you which debts you should pay off first.

Square — Free
Square is a powerful app for the iPhone, Android, or iPad that caters to small businesses and other merchants. The application essentially turns your Smartphone into a credit card terminal, allowing you to accept payment on-the-go. In addition to the app itself, Square comes with a free card-swiping device. If you don’t have the physical swiping terminal, you can always input your customer’s information via on-screen controls. Similar apps include ProcessAway Credit Card Terminal and Billing-Credit Card Terminal.

PageOnce Personal Assistant — $6.99
Personal Assistant is the most thorough application available amongst PageOnce company’s personal finance and general life organization apps. Almost anything you can pay for, you can track with Personal Assistant. You can merge all of your bank accounts — including credit card accounts — to see your balances and due dates. In addition to that functionality, you can set up travel, cell phone and shopping tabs to keep track of your spending. A stripped-down version of PageOnce’s app is also available for free. Personal Assistant is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

*Insert Card Company Here*’s App — Usually free
If you do business with a major credit card company, chances are you can access your account information through the company’s Smartphone app. For example, American Express (a Credit Karma advertiser) offers its American Express Mobile app that allows you to check your balance, pay bills, see transactions and view how many rewards points you have earned.

There’s little doubt the next frontier of banking is based in mobile technology. It’s great to see apps such as these from credit card companies, banks, and third-party developers that can help you keep track of most aspects of your finances.

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  1. I actually have the debt snowball app. It really helps me to keep my debts in order so I can deal with them accordingly. I hope more people can appreciate these applications.

    Personal Finance Articles at 3:19 am on August 10, 2010
  2. It really helps me to keep my debts in order so I can deal with them accordingly.

    ruaninvestor at 5:01 am on February 18, 2011

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