September 17th, 2013

Retail Credit Cards: Use Them Wisely – Part 1

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Retail Cards: Use Them Wisely – Part 1

These days, almost every time you shop at a retail store you’re offered a discount in return for opening up their newest credit card. Many times, the offers are very enticing and hard to turn down. I can’t lie… even I’ve given in to the temptations before! According to our July credit card data, those discounts are also enticing many Credit Karma members:


Type of Store
Average Score
Average Balance
Average Limit
Average CK Review
Department Store
Consumer Electronics
Department Store
Department Store
Department Store
Retail Chain
Home Improvement

What the Numbers Say

This chart gives a quick overview of some of the most common retail cards Credit Karma members have. The Macy’s credit card tops our list with nearly 385,000 members opting to carry the red card in their wallet. The data shows the average credit score approved for these cards falls in the “fair” range, making them more attractive to people looking to build their credit. But if you don’t use the cards responsibly, this can quickly backfire. For example, our numbers show that the average limit for these cards is relatively low, making it difficult to keep your credit utilization under 30 percent. Your utilization weighs heavily on your credit score and if it gets too high, your score can take a hit. Macy’s card members have an average limit of only $991 with an average balance of $484 — that’s almost a 50 percent utilization rate!

Even with the best advice and warnings, it is sometimes hard to just say “no” to these types of cards. In our next post, we’ll share our best tips for using retail credit cards.

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