June 22nd, 2011

Wednesday Roundup: 7 Ways Your Credit Card Can Boost Travel

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Credit Card News

  • 7 ways your credit card can boost travel. Everyone knows credit card issuers offer airline miles, hotel discounts and other travel perks as rewards to their cardholders. But savvy travelers know more rewards are out there for those willing to look for them. Bankrate
  • Credit Card Insurance: Little-Known Ways Your Plastic Can Protect You. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the fact is many credit cards come with some benefits you just can’t get with debit cards or cash. You probably know about rewards and fraud protection, but lesser-known credit card benefits are sometimes the most valuable. What I’m talking about are various insurance benefits many credit cards offer cardholders. Here are some of the most useful: Money Under 30
  • 6 purchases you should always charge on a credit card. Two of the most common features that consumers consider when they use a credit card are the interest rates and rewards. For Greg McFarlane, author of “Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense,” the most important feature of all is one that few people even recognize: “The main thing I care about as a consumer is the protection a credit card gives me,” he says. TODAY Money
  • The Wife’s Confusing View on Credit Cards. I am not a huge fan of credit cards, but I am aware that sometimes they are necessary. It has been trying but I have learned over time that a credit card doesn’t always have to equate to an uncontrolled amount of debt. Credit cards can provide security in an emergency, and better yet they can get you free stuff! But all the good stuff credit cards can bring get voided if you abuse them. And I am sad to say I think one reason America is where it is today is because of the misuse of credit. My Journey To Millions
  • More credit card debt might be good for the economy. No one wants Americans to return to their charge-now, pay-later ways. But with 70% of the economy tied to consumer spending, a little more plastic and a little less caution might not be a bad thing. While consumers are using their credit cards a bit more lately, they largely remain tight-fisted, according to a recent Federal Reserve report. USA Today

Debt News

  • Shocking: 20 Somethings Feel More Confident With More Debt. It’s well known that money is the biggest cause of stress in our lives, but it seems that 20 somethings are shrugging off their money worries even though they have much to fret about — the average student loan debt for those who graduated in 2009 was $24,000, according to the Project on Student Debt. Savvy Sugar
  • Why Having Bad Credit or Big Debts Make You a Target. If you don’t take the time to prioritize your debts or repair your bad credit, you may be the target for solicitations designed to take advantage of your financial situation and your money. There are many more companies being born in light of America’s struggle with debt and bad credit. As those who have money issues likely need more money, companies are setting up shop and not all have the consumer’s best interest at heart. Moolanomy
  • Mistaken or Stolen Identity in Debt Collector Mixup. Last week, Reader Anthony sent me a most puzzling email and one that kind of hit home for me. He has a fairly common name, much like Jim Wang is pretty common, and he’s been getting debt collection calls for another Anthony who lives in the same geographic area, shares the same exact name (including middle initial), and has fallen behind on some debts. Bargaineering
  • Debt Collectors Ask to Be Paid a Little Respect. As a longtime debt collector, Lesllie Rogers has been routinely insulted, pummeled with obscenities, crudely propositioned and threatened with violence by the people she calls. “They want you to feel as small and insignificant as possible,” said Ms. Rogers, who works for a collection agency in Rochester, Minn. “The guy who sits across from me just was threatened with getting his legs and arms cut off.” New York Times
  • Is a debt-free life the best way to live? Granted, debt can lead to big problems for individuals as well as countries, witness Greece’s woes. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has a realistic shot at living a debt-free life, or that they should even aspire to do so. CNN Money

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  1. Really a great blog with quality information, I completely agree with the point that “. Two of the most common features that consumers consider when they use a credit card are the interest rates and rewards “. Thanks for sharing !

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