May 16th, 2008

How Often Does Your Credit Score Change?

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We get asked this question quite often: “How often does your credit score change?” Technically, it can change any time your credit report changes. Any of the following can trigger a credit score change:

  1. Missing a Payment
  2. Applying for a New Loan or Credit Card
  3. Changing Your Available Credit
  4. Defaulting on a Loan or Charging Off
  5. Bankruptcy
  6. The List Goes On……

But some people have asked why their score has not changed in months. Well, my score hasn’t changed since we launched the service in Feb, 2008 until just this week. As background:

* I have a mortgage
* I don’t carry any balance on my credit cards
* I’ve had a good payment history for over 15 years
* I don’t apply for credit often

A few days ago, I decided to apply for one of the Gas credit cards I wrote about. I then updated my credit score the next day. My score dropped 6 points from the inquiry. I’m sure it will change again when the credit card provider reports my credit line and utilization to the bureaus. I suspect it will jump back up since I won’t carry a balance and it will increase my total available credit.

I’m writing this to let users know that your score shouldn’t be constantly changing if you are stable with your finances and credit. I’ve had the same score for over 3 months, so don’t be concerned if your score isn’t jumping around. Part of the service is built to instill a sense of comfort and familiarity with your score.

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  1. I checked my score, it was 711. I was thinking about getting another major credit card, but thought I would wait until my score went up a few more points. I’ve made mortgage payments, car payments and credit card payments. I’ve made ALL payments on time and paid a credit card down by $4000.00 that had a balance of about $5200.00. So, I’m thinking that should help my score by at least a few points. I came back to Credit Karma to check my score again and shop for a credit card. After updating my score, it came back 665. WHAT! you’ve got to be kidding me!

    Sher at 3:53 am on June 23, 2010
  2. I understand that of the 3 credit bureaus the scores will vary. With the car dealership using Experian and Credit Karma using Trans Union. I called the dealership and explained this to them. They then pulled my report on their Trans Union system and it was still different! Why? Also, I agree with there being a difference, but not almost 300 points different! That to me is unheard of! Now who is being unreliable and what can I do about this?

    Sandy at 2:26 pm on June 25, 2010
  3. I dint get any update in the credit score for the past months. In the meantime my credit score has been drastically decreased.But i was thinking that my credit score is in good shape.I dont know why credit karma is not updating the score when it changes.

    Hope i get a right answer….

    dino at 10:13 am on August 4, 2010
  4. So after a few months of no late payments and pay off all of my credit cards (I was about 95% credit/debt ratio) my score went up 74 points, from a 592 to a 666 in a matter of 6 weeks. I don’t know if it’s common to move that quickly but the debt/available debt ratio is a huge part of the score

    finally at 11:10 am on September 21, 2010
  5. My score hasn’t changed since I started with Credit Karma in July 2009 (17 months!), and I’ve checked it at least once a month. Is that normal? During that time, I haven’t had any changes to my credit (no new cards, no big change in utilization, no new inquiries, no closed accounts, etc), but shouldn’t an additional 1.5 years of on-time history on every account have a positive influence?

    Also, my wife (with whom I have 5 joint credit cards) has the exact same score, and has since she started using CK in November 2009. We each have our own separate student loans, but I have several other lines of credit, and she is an authorized user on another card.

    Further, if I use the simulator to add an additional 24 months of on-time history (leaving everything else the same), my score score goes *down* by 23 points. The same happens if I simulate 3 additional months of on-time history. I have one credit account that will have been closed for 5 years at that time, and a student loan that will have been closed for 4.5 years, but everything else is open.

    This all seems a little strange to me. Does anyone have any insight?

    Jason at 8:43 pm on November 1, 2010
  6. Hey Jason!

    To update your score, make sure you go to My Credit tab when you are logged on, and click the button that says update my score, which will take you to a confirmation pop-up window. You must manually update your score, it doesn’t automatically update everytime you log in. Hope this helps!


    Justine at 11:20 am on November 4, 2010
  7. my questuion is my credits such bad shape how far back does credit checking go I heard its cleaned after 7 years is this so?

    robert goganzer at 9:39 am on November 11, 2010
  8. what’s up with CK all 3 of my credit scores are great. A+ all around but CK shows me at 668 = fair ????

    tom at 11:50 am on February 12, 2011
  9. Which of the 3 credit bureaus are the one that most lenders look at? I noticed that my credit score varies up to 20 points between them.

    Chris at 6:26 pm on July 14, 2011
  10. Hi, Chris. That’s definitely tough to say. We’d suggest reading more about credit score differences here: Also, remember to focus on the factors of your credit score, not just the actual number.

    bethy at 9:32 am on July 18, 2011
  11. I found out there was an erroneous Tax Lien on our credit report that was supposed to be removed last year. I am in the middle of a refi loan ap. They ran my credit score before I found out the lien was not removed. I have not gotten it removed from TransUnion and Experion…still checking on Equifax. How fast will these changes effect my score? Can’t the mortgage lender get an instant update on my credit score?

    Michelle Mahler at 12:28 pm on July 27, 2011
  12. Hi Michelle! The amount of time it takes for an error to be corrected on your report varies. Typically, when you send a dispute letter to a credit bureau, they should investigate the issue within 30 days and send your dispute to the person(s) providing the erroneous information. So, it could take some time. If the investigation results in a change in your credit report, the bureau (or bureaus) is required to provide you with the updated credit report. Check out this article on how to take steps toward DIY credit repair. Also, ask the rest of the Credit Karma community here. You may find someone who has been through a similar situation.

    bethy at 2:44 pm on July 27, 2011
  13. I applied for student line of credit and I have a cosigner but I was turned down. I got a free report from Equifax, there are some entries showing non-payment in my student loan and they placed an I4 status next to it. I called my student loan agency (OSAP) and it turned out to be a mistake since I am still a full time student, they said they are doing an investigation and they are going to remove the entries.
    Does this bring back my credit score up to what it was before they made this mistake?

    How long does it take for my credit score to improve?
    What can I do about it since it is because of their mistake that I my loan was turned down and I am not able to continue with out that line of credit?
    Thank you

    David at 9:35 am on January 20, 2012
  14. Hi, David! Head over to our Credit Advice Center to ask your question.

    bethy at 3:06 pm on January 20, 2012
  15. Jody and I owen are on home and have no house paments. Still live at [address removed-personal information] and still bring home $4500.00 a month.

    Terry king at 9:00 pm on March 21, 2012
  16. I paid off two credit cards a month ago and also made two large extra payments on two other cards putting a major dent in my “debt ratio”. Unfortunately, this is not reflected on Credit Karma. I have never had a late payment or anything else lately to effect my credit – my rating should have gone up by now….why don’t I see that on Credit Karma? My credit card companies when I checked know the correct amount owed. One even raised my limit to spend and THAT is on credit karma already. I want to see my higher credit score from paying off & not closing two accounts and paying down two others……when will I see this???????????

    Nicole at 10:48 am on April 8, 2012
  17. The balances you see on Credit Karma are your reported balances, not necessarily your current balances. Credit card companies report balances to the credit bureaus once during a 30-day billing period. Therefore, it can take a whole billing cycle for these numbers to update. Great job paying down your credit card debt!

    bethy at 9:58 am on April 9, 2012
  18. I fell behind and have 30 days late payments on my credit, which dropped my score tremendously. I am now as we speak up to date on all my bills. I have always been on time with all my bills and just recently due to a hold back of deployment and being unemployed put me in a spot where it made it difficult to catch up on my credit card debt.If i am now up to date with my bills how long will it take for my credit score to go up again?

    Lola Cooper at 5:27 pm on June 29, 2012
  19. It can take some time, since your number of on-time payments is represented as a percentage, but it all depends on how long you’ve been making payments. However, if this recent late payment was out of character, you might be able to write a goodwill adjustment letter. Check this blog post for more info:

    bethy at 10:44 am on July 2, 2012
  20. how long does it take your credit score to go up after it goes down whenu max out a credit card if you paid it off/

    jamie at 1:21 pm on July 21, 2012
  21. It depends on a lot of factors. Ask your question in our Credit Advice Center, a community forum for credit questions and answers.

    bethy at 10:08 am on July 23, 2012
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    debt consolidation secured loan at 4:18 pm on April 9, 2013
  23. i only have one credit card on my credit report its maxed out. the balance is 2600.00. i made no payments in three months Ive started paying last month paid 300.00. used $30.00 the minimum payment asked was $77.00 i paid $150.00. If i consistently pay $300.00 for the next 6 months will this give me a big jump

    rachel at 10:13 am on September 4, 2014
  24. How come my score hasn’t changed in over a year on credit karma, but other sites have updated my scores. Why does it credit karma not capture the same information other sites seem to be able to update. And how come my grade still says its a “C” when I have all “A”‘s and one “B”. All the “A”‘s are the high importance and the “B” is of low importance….don’t really see how it all adds up! My husband and I have the same score on Credit Karma but on other sites we get updated regularly! This is very frustrating to keep checking and seeing no movement on this site! Does transunion not update as accurately as experian or equivalent.

    Kimberly at 12:16 am on November 24, 2014
  25. Mike

    Hey Kimberly – Thanks for your comment. Regarding your Credit Report Card grades, keep in mind that the overall grade is not an average of your other grades. The overall grade simply reflects how your score compares to other Credit Karma members.

    Regarding score changes, it’s important to note that your score won’t change every update necessarily. You can read more about that here:

    Mike at 9:19 am on November 24, 2014
  26. if my score changes on credit karma does that mean it changed at the bureaus?

    john at 9:53 pm on January 18, 2016
  27. Enola Guerrero

    Hi John – Credit bureaus use many different scoring models. Our scores come from Transunion and Equifax using the Vantage 3.0 scoring model. You can read more about Vantage here,


    Enola Guerrero at 12:31 pm on January 21, 2016

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