Credit Karma Launches First Truly Free ID Monitoring Service

By Adam Boender

Credit Karma pioneered free credit monitoring, allowing everyone to stay on top of their credit and react to any suspicious activity easily and quickly. And earlier this year, we added our Unclaimed Money feature which aims to help return over $40 billion dollars of unclaimed money currently sitting with state governments back into people’s pockets.

Today we’re announcing free ID monitoring, yet another way we are proactively helping our 75 million members achieve financial progress.

Data breaches can have a huge impact on your financial health, so Credit Karma can now alert you as soon as possible if you’ve been affected by a data breach and provide next steps you can consider to help secure your information. If you are involved in a breach, the sooner you know and can take action, the better.

Here is what you will now have access to through our new feature:

  • MONITORING: We’ll continuously search our database and notify you if your personal information may have been exposed in another company's public data breach.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: We’ll give you a virtual tap on the shoulder to let you know when potentially suspicious activity needs your attention.
  • ADVICE: We’ll help you secure your information by advising you on steps like reporting fraud, freezing credit or changing passwords.

And this is just the start. In the coming months, we will continue to add more functionality, including dark web monitoring, as well as ID recovery guidance if your identity has been stolen.

Over the last ten years, you’ve come to rely on us as we continue to look for ways to help you save money and stay on top of your financial identity, and we take that trust seriously. As part of our mission to be your financial assistant, it made a lot of sense for us to build and provide ID monitoring as data breaches have become more prevalent.

Our ID monitoring service is now available to members in the U.S., and like all of Credit Karma’s tools and resources, it will always be free.

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