March 7th, 2013

The Nerds Behind Credit Karma: Juan

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Know what time it is? …It’s time to meet another awesome member of the Credit Karma team! Last week, we introduced you to Ian, one of our amazing software developers.

Today, meet Juan! Like many, MANY other members of the Credit Karma team, Juan creates his own music. Because of this, I’m quickly becoming convinced that should all of our team collaborate together, we could create a pretty awesome band. Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself!

Read on to learn about Juan! (Hey, that rhymed!)

The Interview

What’s your title at Credit Karma?
Operations Engineer

Describe what you do at Credit Karma.
Much of what I do in operations has to do with uptime. As an operations engineer, I’m responsible for all aspects of our production environment, which directly affect uptime. This means managing our systems and databases, planning for disasters as well as growth, keeping up with security patches, and making improvements whenever possible. Our goal in operations is to prevent disruption to the business by eliminating unplanned outages and building fault tolerant solutions.

How long have you worked at CK?
I’ve been with CK since December of last year.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CK?
Hard to pick one thing. I mean, I love the people I work with; it’s a really cool team. But I think the thing I like the most is the fact that I get to work with cool technology. Hey, after all… I’m a geek!

What’s your favorite snack in the CK kitchen?
I try to go for the fruit… but there’s always an open can of Pringles, so it’s hard not to grab a couple.

What is something your coworkers probably don’t know about you?
My uncles and aunts on my father’s side own and operate a circus in Guatemala, where I’m from. I didn’t grow up with them, though. My family migrated to the US when we were very little. I guess this explains why I’m such a clown sometimes.

What was your worst subject in elementary school?
I did terrible in anything that required me to memorize things. Like history. Even to this date I write everything down because I can’t remember things half the time.

What’s a secret (or not-so-secret) talent you have?
I can play some wicked techno. In fact, I’ve been producing electronic music for years now!

If you could pick any superhero power, what would it be and why?
If I could have any superhero power, it would definitely have to be the ability to read minds. Why? No guessing!

What’s your best credit/money tip?
Don’t spend more than you can afford to spend. And always try to pay off your debts on time. Find happiness through non-material things.

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Stay tuned as we continue to reveal the nerds behind Credit Karma!

Totally relates with the bad-at-memorization thing,

Jenna, Credit Karma Contributor

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