November 30th, 2012

Facebook Question: What’s Your Biggest Financial Triumph Ever?

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Inspired by Ben’s great guest post about his best and worst financial decisions ever, we decided to tap our Facebook followers once again to answer this question:

“What’s Your Biggest Financial Triumph Ever?”

Here’s what you had to say!

“Being debt free in 2012!” (Mark, John, and Martha)

“Paying off student loans and car!” (Heather)

“Raising my score 250 points and thus putting myself in the position to keep moving on up!!” (Eva)

“Paying off student loans as well as figuring out how to pay off the two apartments that I was illegally kicked out of.” (Stephanie)

“I was upside down on a Nissan Sentra but I needed a bigger car for my family. I convinced a dealership to take the car at what I owed instead of putting the amount I was upside on my loan for the new car AND I was able to get a payment the same amount as the old old car AND gap insurance. The old car was a 2004 and the new a 2008.” (Melissa)

“Paying off all my credit cards!!!” (Colleen)

Great job, everyone!

Jenna, Credit Karma contributor

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