September 13th, 2013

Link Roundup: Several Good Reasons to Not Contribute to Your 401(k)


Several Good Reasons to Not Contribute to Your 401(k)


Several Good Reasons to Not Contribute to Your 401(k) “A very common piece of advice that’s given about retirement is that of maxing out a 401K plan at work. More than a few people, including professional financial advisors, will tell you that this is a way to make sure that your retirement is truly golden. While we’re not saying that, for most people, this is an sage advice, it’s not for everyone. The fact is, there is no single universal rule for retirement planning and indeed, everyone has a set of unique circumstances, goals or needs determining what their correct course of action should be. In some cases, putting all of your money into your 401(k) might not be the best idea. In fact, we’ve put together several reasons to not contribute. Enjoy.” So Over This

Easy Ways to Save Money as a College Student “When I was in college, learning how to get by on a little bit of money took some getting used to. By my senior year, it was much easier than my freshmen year. All along the way, I learned tips and tricks to stretch my limited amount of dollars. Here are four tips that I used that helped me to keep my spending in check.” 20′s Finances

Five Checking Account Fees You Might Not Be Aware Of “For many people, it can be easy to trust banks and not read the fine print that explains various checking account fees that can add up to hundreds of dollars each year for the customer. By becoming aware of the most common fees from banks, it can be easier to avoid hefty fines and save money in the long run. Fortunately, since 1991, the Truth in Savings Act requires banks to disclose fees to each customer when opening a new account and update them on new fees.” My Financial Reviews

4 ways to fix an unsteady cash flow “When I was still a student, I was pretty much broke all the time. I didn’t mind too much though. I knew that when I graduated and got a “real job,” my money worries would be over. Right? But even after I found a great job with a decent salary, I noticed something weird. At certain times of the month, my checking account was overflowing. There was a couple thousand dollars in there! Other times, I would have less than $100, prompting me to worry about what would happen if a check cleared my account a day earlier than I expected.” Money Blue Book

Three Budgeting Processes That Work “CBS news reported that 76% of American households are living paycheck to paycheck. Less than half have three months of worth savings. We are sending our kids to college with no money and over a trillion dollars of outstanding student loan debt. Normal in America is being broke. It’s time to get weird.It’s time to stop managing our debt and start eliminating it for good. It’s time to get on a Money Plan and use a budgeting process that works.” Money Plan SOS

7 Myths About Secured Credit Cards “For many, access to credit cards is as simple as responding to a solicitation in the mail, or filling out a simple online application. But for those with past problems, low income or no credit history, it’s not so simple. That’s where secured credit cards come in. Put up a deposit to secure your card, and odds are good you’ll be approved. Sound simple? It is, but there are still plenty of misconceptions about secured cards.” Money Talks News

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June 27th, 2013

Link Roundup: Lower Your Expenses By Living Like Those In Other Countries

lower expenses th

Lower Your Expenses By Living Like Those In Other Countries "The first time you visit another country, especially if it is a country with a lower standard of living than the United States, you may be shocked... If you’d like to save money or just be more environmentally and financially responsible, why not pretend that you live like those in other countries? Here are some ways you can start:"Bible Money Matters

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April 8th, 2013

Make a College Savings Plan for Your Kids (or Yourself) on a Budget

college savings plan

Even if your child hasn’t yet learned to walk, it’s never too early to start saving and budgeting for his or her college education. In these tough economic times, when it comes to creating and adhering to a successful savings plan for college, you may need to work over the long term to save enough money. In order to get a substantial head start on the rising cost of tuition, it’s a good idea to have several eggs in your basket when you're budgeting for college.

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March 27th, 2012

What Is a Roth IRA?

roth ira th

Guess what? I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription... is more Roth IRA education! When Good Financial Cents blogger Jeff Rose asked a class of graduating college seniors if they had ever heard of a Roth IRA, out of the 50 class participants, no one raised their hand. (To be frank, I wouldn’t have been raising my hand in my day, either.)

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December 16th, 2011

Friday Roundup: 6 Ways to Waste Money During the Holidays

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6 Ways to Waste Money During the Holidays "What’s a few extra dollars here or there when holiday sales offer such a banquet of deals? It can’t hurt to blow the budget once a year. After all, you won’t have to pay down those credit cards until January, right? Wrong! No matter how caught up you get in the holiday-spending spirit, you should never compromise your budget and financial health. Here are six common ways holiday shoppers waste money, along with practical solutions to avoid such overspending." Financial Highway

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December 14th, 2011

Wednesday Roundup: 3 Ways to Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover

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3 Ways to Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover "There is still time before the holidays, but if you’re already feeling anxious about how much you have/will spend, don’t despair because you can recover – just don’t use breaking the budget a little bit as a justification for breaking it a ton! Here are a few tips that will help you get back on track and pay off the credit cards and/or get your bank balance back up." MoneyNing

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December 7th, 2011

Broke Gal in NYC, Part 3: Frugal Finds at Holiday Time

broke gal in nyc th

November was another busy month filled with saving, consulting, budgeting, and in the final week of the month, a new job! I start another part time job this week with a local urban environmental organization, and I couldn’t be more excited. I took Justine’s advice and started shaving money off my daily budget bit by bit and decided to challenge myself by seeing how long I could go without spending. I made it four days, a new personal record.

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December 5th, 2011

Monday Roundup: Why It Matters That the Savings Rate Fell

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Why It Matters That the Savings Rate Fell. "After the economy took a nosedive in late 2008, Americans realized that it might not be a good idea to always rely on credit during emergencies and many people started stashing money away for a rainy day." Cash Money Life

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December 2nd, 2011

Friday Roundup: Finding Things to Do That Don’t Involve Continually Spending Money

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Finding Things to Do That Don’t Involve Continually Spending Money "Whenever an experience requires you to spend money, requires you to spend additional money beyond what you would normally spend, or heavily involves spending money, you should rethink whether or not you want to engage in that activity. Instead, it’s really worth your time to find things you enjoy doing that don’t involve spending money." The Simple Dollar

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November 23rd, 2011

Wednesday Roundup: Why Can’t We Have Our Cake and Eat It Too?

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Why Can’t We Have Our Cake and Eat It Too? "The English proverb tells us that we can’t have our cake and eat it too. I’ve often struggled to understand exactly what that means. I guess it’s supposed to imply that we can’t have it both ways. How can we preserve something of value if we continue to consume it?" Balance Junkie

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