March 5th, 2013

5 Things You Can do to Protect Your Credit

5 Things You Can do to Protect Your Credit

So far for National Consumer Protection Week we’ve covered 4 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe and How to Spot and Avoid Credit Repair Scams. Today we’re talking about what you can do to protect your credit from things like fraud and errors. Read on for five of our best tips.

Shred it.

Buy a shredder and shred any and all documents that contain your personal information, especially if you’re throwing them into publicly accessible trash bins. It’s unpleasant to think of someone going through the trash or recycling bin, but this is one strategy identity thieves can use to access your information. Shred junk mail, old credit cards, receipts and any old forms you’ve filled out. Make sure to do the same with documents that contain your kids’ personal information, too.

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February 26th, 2013

4 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe

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Next week is National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW). While that doesn’t sound very exciting, it is very important to protect yourself, your family and your finances from would-be identity thieves. (Boo, thieves!) Here on the Credit Karma Blog, we’ll be sharing a few helpful tips on how you can protect yourself. First up, how to keep your money safe.

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September 19th, 2012

5 Facebook Privacy Tips to Prevent a Burglary or Fraud

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Facebook connects more than 800 million people across the globe. But the world’s largest social network can sometimes leave users wondering if their connections are putting their security at risk. There are strategies you can take to limit your vulnerabilities to a burglary or theft. By using sound judgment and enabling Facebook’s advanced security layers, you can better protect your privacy and limit what others see and know about you—particularly those unsavory types. Follow these five tips to stay safe on Facebook and other social media sites:

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September 7th, 2012

Why You Should Check Your Credit Report – Jim’s Story

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The experts always advise that you check your credit reports regularly because you never know when someone may steal your identity or the credit bureau messed something up on your report. The statistics are not on our side.

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August 23rd, 2011

The Perfect Password, and How to Keep Your Information Safe

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We know you’re smart enough to avoid using passwords like the aforementioned “password123,” or your name plus your birth date. But as hackers get more sophisticated, so should you. There are a lot of different suggestions out there for how to build a great password. (Time magazine suggests using a dictionary word and replacing letters with numbers.) But a dictionary word can be cracked by a computer program relatively easily.

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