January 17th, 2013

Would You Go Back in Time to Improve Your Credit Health?

Would You go Back in Time to Improve Your Credit Health?

This week on our Facebook page, we posted the following:

Fill-in-the-blank: The first thing you should do to start improving your credit health is _______.

My favorite response came from a guy named Eric:

1. Buy a DeLorean
2. Go 88 mph
3. Go back in time to smack yourself and tear up those credit cards.


Clever, right? (And hopefully you get the reference.)

But after my initial chuckle, I got to thinking, “Would I really go back in time?” Probably not, and here’s why.

Mistakes = Lessons

How many times on this blog have we written about our past mistakes turning into lessons? Let’s take a look. I wrote about how my past relationships actually led to great money lessons. Justine wrote about how a simple error of timing cost her big and what she learned from her first speeding ticket. Guest contributor Kristina talked about recognizing problems and then correcting them in “A Second Chance at Financial Freedom.” And Ezra even shared the things we can learn from the one big mistake that is Jersey Shore.

Just from this small sample you can see that we’re big about learning from mistakes around here. Your mistakes—however big or small—leave behind lessons and make you who you are. Which leads to the next point…

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May 17th, 2010

Monday Jumpstart to Personal Finance & Credit Report News

Did you take out more than three times more in student loans as your first post-grad job’s salary? Have you co-signed on a loan for a friend? Have you opened your Roth IRA yet? These questions may seem trivial to you, but these financial decisions may very well be success or ruin for your financial […]

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