February 10th, 2012

Friday Roundup: Alternative Currency.


Alternative Currency. “Let’s have a little fun today shall we? Have you ever thought about money? I’m not talking about things like saving, paying doubt debt, investing, etc. No, I’m talking about tangible money. I personally am fascinated by it.” Punch Debt In The Face

Best Places To Live? Big Roundup of Major Top 10 Lists. “Where are the best places to consider relocating to? I knew that almost every major financial media outlet had their own “best places to live” list, and my plan was to see which cities popped up most amongst them. Well, that was a bust as every list seemed to be so different; The top city on one list might not even be on the next list at all. Why? There is no one best place to live, it all depends on what criteria is important to you.” My Money Blog

Letting Go of the Past. “When I was a boy, one of the biggest things my father and I shared was baseball. We would listen to all of the Chicago Cubs games all summer long on the radio, watch many of them on television, and follow the day-to-day standings in the newspaper.” The Simple Dollar

14 (Mostly) Frugal Valentine’s Day Recipes. “If you haven’t made your Valentine’s Day dinner reservations by now, don’t bother. It’s not worth it because: 1. there aren’t any tables left at your favorite restaurant at this late date, and 2. why spend money on a romantic night out when you can have an even more romantic night in?” Wise Bread

The magic of compounding has left the building? “You’ve heard of the magic of compounding, right? If not, here’s a quick version. Let’s say you have a savings account that earns 1% per month. (Don’t laugh too hard. My dad had one that paid this rate at one point.) Let’s say also that you put in $1,000 at the start of 2012, and never add anything more. According to the Rule of 72, after about 72 months, I’ll have about $2,000. In another 72 months, I’ll have $4,000. In another 72, $8,000. The amount in the account doubles each 72 months it sits there.” Mighty Bargain Hunter

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June 27th, 2011

Monday Roundup: Is Shopping By Smartphone Private?

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Whenever you shop virtually, whether on the web or with smartphone apps, you're basically weighing convenience against your own comfort with transmitting your personal information. Currency

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May 26th, 2011

Fact Sheet: What’s in a Dollar Bill?

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You know that one dollar bill you just shelled out for a small coffee?

Ever thought about what’s it made of or where it came from? We answer those questions and more in our quick dollar-bill fact sheet. Read on, big spender!

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