August 29th, 2011

Facebook Question: Your One-Word Money Philosophy

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Our Facebook fans are quick on their feet. We shoot them a question, and they waste no time in answering. So we decided to give them a new challenge: “In ONE word, describe your money philosophy.”

They really stepped up! We loved the answers so much, we decided to create a little story, one money-philosophy word at a time, about finances. See if you can find the moral of the story!

Gimme! (Shawn P.)

Spend (Laura Y.)

Bills (Ranee A.)

Gone! (Dave M.)

Broke (Phong D.)

Hide (Linda P.)

More! (Martin B.)

Caution (Gina W. & Holly G.)

Frugal (Martin P.)

Sensible (Steve M.)

Priorities (Lori K. & Marie A.)

Wisdom (Antonio G.)

Patience (Lisa K.)

Time (Marlon S.)

Discipline (Beverly H.)

Grow (Michael D.)

Tracking (Kelsi H.)

Solvency (Star M.)

Power (Christian G.)

Success (Robert M.)

Abundance (Chris B.)

Winning! (Joseph P.)

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  1. SAVE!

    Effia at 1:54 pm on August 30, 2011

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