June 17th, 2011

Facebook Question: Used Wedding Dresses

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Would you wear a used wedding dress to save some cash?

Our Facebook fans loved answering this question and sharing stories about their great wedding dress deals. Check it out!

Save big bucks

I did, only cost me $99. (Kristine O.)

I bought mine at the resale shop for $75, fit me like a glove. Ten years later, and I still love it! Well, my mom actually bought it, but I am still economical with the money of others! (Linda F.)

Sure, I plan to do just that when I get married later this year. (Christina J.)

Yes, and I actually did! I rented a dress and it cost me $150. (Diana C.)

Not used, but still cheap!

I bought mine off the rack for 70% off. Designer dress, veil, and head jewelry cost me about $150. (Kirsten K.)

I bought a white prom dress, after prom was over. It was on clearance, and it was beautiful. I paid $102, and when I told people it was a clearance rack prom dress, they didn’t believe it! We didn’t want to start off being in debt from our wedding day. (Shelly Z.)

Proceed with caution

I think used is a good idea, but be wary of cleaning costs which can be over $100 at a dry cleaner. We saved most of our money by making things ourselves (my dress included), shopping around and enlisting friends for help! (Kristin V.)

Sure, I would wear a used dress as long as it was clean and taken care of. I paid $62.50 for my wedding dress on Ebay, including shipping. I had a $1,200 wedding. (Ranee A.)

Spread the good karma

A few different friends used my dress. (Melissa B.)

From a fella

I think people would look at me funny in any wedding dress. At the time when we got married, my wife wouldn’t even think of it; now, I think she would. (Dave M.)

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  1. Hi there –

    Buying a used designer wedding dress can save credit conscious brides big money – and many times the dresses were never worn.

    Many brides who are listing wedding gowns on our site are “multi-dress” brides who may have purchased more than one gown. The are looking to sell their “spare gowns” for a fraction of what they originally paid.

    Feel free to check out our growing number of listings from around the country – and just married brides can list their dresses for free.

    All the best,


    Sammie at 5:12 pm on June 17, 2011
  2. Thanks for the tip, Sammie! Hopefully some brides reading this find it helpful.

    bethy at 8:28 am on June 20, 2011

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