September 2nd, 2011

Friday Roundup: The Worst Investments You Can Make

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Bad Investments

The Worst Investments You Can Make “Generally, people love to talk about the best investments they have ever made, but we rarely hear about others talk about the worst investments they made. Good investments are those that maintain your principal and give you a positive return with time. The worst investments are those that burn through your principal and then continually pull money out of you without giving any return.” Wise Bread

Rent Textbooks. Save Billions. [Infographic] “Renting textbooks over the course of four years can save a college student over $2,600. This $2,600 savings translate to $39.2 billions reduction in student loan debt, or $17.2 billion reduction in federal aid to pay for college.” Moolanomy

The Challenge “This blog is written by a 28-year-old guy who graduated with his MBA from Harvard Busines School two years ago in 2009, makes a modest income working in the tech industry of Austin, and has set an audacious goal to pay down his $90,316 debt burden in ten months.” No More Harvard Debt

A Different Way of Thinking about Your Debts “If you take out a $200,000 loan for 30 years at 4.5% interest, how much in debt are you? Some might argue that you’re only $200,000 in debt. However, when you look at the payments you’ve committed yourself to making over the years, you’re actually promising to make payments totaling $364,813.20.” The Simple Dollar

Finding Your Financial Motivation “Before I began my financial turnaround, I knew only the basics about personal finance. In fact, to be honest, I probably didn’t even have a basic grasp on most things money. After all, I’d spent most of my 20s frittering away any earnings on junk, and had accumulated credit card debt acquiring even more stuff. I figured since I didn’t have any money, there wasn’t much point in trying to learn advanced financial concepts. Fortunately, my attitude changed.” Frugal Dad

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